Diagnosis and test results: Moderate Expressive and Receptive Language Delay. The Preschool Language Scale Fourth Edition was administered on 03-21-2005 and 03-23-2005 to assess the clients Auditory Comprehension and Expressive Communication. The results from the test yielded the following conclusions: The client obtained an Auditory comprehension raw score of 25 which translated to a standard score of 81, with a SS confidence Interval at 90% level of 73 to 89, a percentile ranking of 10, confidence intervals for percentile and standard score values of 4 to 22, and an age equivalency of 1-9. The client obtained an Expressive Communication raw score of 22 which translated to a standard score of 71, with a standard score confidence interval at 90% level of 64 to 78, a percentile ranking of 3, confidence intervals for percentile ranking and standard scores of 1 to 7, and an age equivalency of 1-4.

The clients total language score was combined to evaluated the clients combined auditory comprehension and expressive communication standard scores yielded a total score of 152 which translated to a standard score of 74, with a standard score confidence interval at 90% level of 67 to 81, a percentile ranking of 4, and confidence intervals and percentile ranking for standard scores 1 to 10, and an age equivalency of 1-6. Long term goals: The client will demonstrate age appropriate expressive and receptive language skills. Short term goals: 1. The client will use words and gestures to communicate and interact meaningfully. 2. Given auditory stimuli the client will imitate words with 60% accuracy.

3. Given auditory and verbal stimuli the client will increase oral vocabulary. Home program The client's parents will play an important role in the development of their child's speech and language. The client's home program will model techniques applied during therapy. The client's parents are encouraged to provide a stimulating language rich environment at home through the use of books, games, toys, and activities that promote their client's development.