Steve SyoenIntellectual essay Men and women, different in so many ways no one could keep count, but I picked one aspect to look at especially. The way in which males and females think, analyze, and where they stand versus each other. According to the book, males are supposed to score higher on the math portion of the SAT, yet girls can score higher on advances placement and math course tests. My survey focused more on logical reasoning of math, and recognizing patterns, which were found to be easy by some and difficult also.

I think the fact that from childhood, boys and girls are taught differently, such as when you used to have recess, they would let the guys play basketball, but encourage the girls to go jump rope, or maybe play on the swings, and then as you got older, the girls were into the hottest Latino pop artist, and the guys were talking about racing cars, and I think the guys dealing with cars, talk horse power, talk numbers in general, when the girls didn't talk numbers as much as they talked clothes, or the most recent cute boy that they got to look at them. I think if they start out young with numbers, and don't keep trying to push them away from being a tom-boy they might be able to improve later because of previous experience, keeping score in a basketball game, or how many times they beat another boy up, it would get them into numbers sooner.