"I'll stare the man at his face as he screams to God, and I'll laugh harder than ever when he whimpers like a baby. And when his eyes go dead, the hell I send him to will seem like heaven after what I've done to him"- Sin City, 2005. The scene is taken from the number one movie in the Country, Sin City. Sin City shows a criminal killing a police officer without any remorse, after discovering the police officer killed his lover. Movie makers have always made crimes seem understandable to their audience, justifying murders committed by "good guys" and not the murders done by "bad guys." Does this somehow have an affect on the movie watcher? Some people would say yes, while others would say no.

I believe some people are weak minded, and some are not. Some people have the capacity to understand that what they are watching in the movie screen is just that- a movie. While other people do not have the ability to distinguish reality with fantasy, or perhaps chose not to understand. I have watched many violent movies, and could honestly say I have not committed or even considered committing any crime. Some people get so caught up in movies, that they soon begin to believe they are actually living the movie. Also, some movies give certain people who are already mentally disturbed, ideas.

Therefore, I believe that some movies are to blame for some of the violence which occur now days. It is the oldest story in the book, the good guy kills the bad guy and saves the day- this is the message most movies carry. After watching these kind of movies, some people feel they should live their lives by this way of thinking. Some people decide to take what they may think is justice, into their own hands. They may want to be the good guys in the story, maybe even want to be the hero of the story and decide to commit serious crimes; crimes which in the fantasy world of movies, they would not be held accountable for.

Movie makers also seem to forget the number of weak minded people there are in this world. Some people believe anything they are told. Show a weak minded person a movie showing a famous actor acting powerful with guns and money committing a crime, chance are that person will think the actor is the best person in the world. What these weak minded people do not see is that the actors are just playing a part, in a make-believe world.

In a way movie makers are at fault for these people believing they could relive scenes from a movie. Movie makers cast normal people to act in their movies, they shoot their movies in nearby towns, and in a scenario where the average joe can picture himself. Movie makers leave the impression that normal people could act out movies and succeed just like the starring movie actor did. Also, there are many people living in this Country who are mentally disturbed.

These people have low self-esteems, feel some kind of hatred towards the world, and do not mind risking their lives or the lives of others to act out a movie they saw. An example of this is the Columbine Shooting of 1999. Two kids watched the move, "The Matrix," and decided to act out some of the scenes on their classmates. These highschool students were taunted daily by school bullies, and were mentally disturbed after many years of suffering the abuse.

They dressed in trench coats, just like the actors of "The Matrix," and packed themselves with guns, again reacting the movie. During the terrible morning of the Columbine shooting the disturbed teens shot and killed themselves and several classmates in the lunch cafeteria. I hold the movie directors and movie producers responsible for inspiring many crimes all over the world. Movie makers should be aware that many people watch their movies, and every person interprets the movie in a different way; what may seem harmless to them may seem as the perfect murdering plot to someone else. It is their responsibility to not only show the exciting parts of a movie where the good guy gets away, but also the result of his actions..