GEORGE'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY Hello my name is George Ealey Jr; I was born in Knowlton, Arkansas in July Of 1955. I lived here most of my school days, Spending the summer in Chicago with my mother, and the rest of The year with my father in Arkansas. I graduated from high school in May of 1974. I made a decision to join the Military in March of 1974. I signed up for delayed entry into the army, and On May 31, 1974 I enlisted into the military for three years. I completed Basic training at Ft.

Jackson, Sc. I ended up in Ft. Hood, TX for My permanent Station. I had two tours of TDY (temporary duty) In Graffenwohr, Germany Six months each.

I got out of the Military in May of 1977. I got married July 29, 1977 to my wife Lee Ealey, and thirty years later we are still going Strong, praise God. I have four children: three boys and one girl. One thirty Years old, twenty-eight, twenty-six, and twenty. I re-enlisted in The army in October of 1977, where I went back into Communication and spent the next Thirteen years in West Germany and six of the remaining years in the United States (Ft. Knox, KY and Ft.

Gordon, Gad). I enjoyed my last years of service Here at Ft. Gordon so much, I decided to retire here as an SFC/E-7 sergeant First class. After retiring, I became a truck driver.

I Drove long distance for a little over a year then gave that up and Returned to communication. I am Looking forward to finishing my Education, this is something that I have been trying to do while Being in the military, but taking care of your soldiers had Priority.