In the Crucible, Salem was presented as a town in peril. Satan was at work in the town and its citizens were going crazy. People were being persecuted for casting "spells" on people and if someone even mentioned your name and you were related to witchery, you could be put to death, even if you didn't do anything. There are also other incidents that are quite similar to the calamity in Salem. For example, in the province of Germany and Poland, Jews were slaughtered and put in concentration camps at the expenditure of the Nazis. The events in Salem can be avoided if we take note of Salem and other numerous witch hunts that have occurred in the world.

The town Salem and its witch trials were over exaggerated and of total anarchy. It's ironic too because Salem's tragedy originated from a paradox. Some folk didn't even know what a witch was, but they were being persecuted for something they didn't know of. The trials were one-sided.

If someone's name was even mentioned, they needed little or no proof to convict them as a witch. When she tried against Abigail and said that they made everything up about seeing spirits, Abigail made up seeing her spirit on the roof and all the other girls just played right along with her. Before and after that incident, they put too many people to death, and they knew they were incident. Reverend Hale even told Danforth that he thought they were innocent. But many people were marked for calumny. More proof should " ve been presented for all the trials.

When that extremely old man waved "Hello" at that guy (in the movie), they tried him as a witch. When the old man waved the fire burst high for a moment. Nobody investigated the fire to see if something could " ve caused it to explode. The judges and others just assumed. The Nazi internment camps bound Jews and forced them to eagerly wait their untimely death.

The Nazis hunted all over Europe for Jews to fulfill Hitler's propaganda. As soon as we Americans got involved in World War II, we demolished the immense power of the Nazi Army. The Nazis "witch hunt" against the Jews was no more and we saved thousands of Jews. Like Hitler, his speeches of how Jews have caused all their problems created the witch hunt.

Many Germans (Schindler) saw how Hitler was wrong and killing Jews wouldn't solve any problem. He revolted and saved a thousand Jews. What we learned from this is that simply killing people won't solve your problems (like in Salem). You must dig deeper and investigate the problem at hand and try to search for other ways to handle it. Many other witch hunts, such as those in Africa, India, and even the fight against slavery in America, were almost meaningless. Slavery has been argued upon for over 200 years.

When a slave or a pack of slaves escaped from a plantation, the townspeople went out and hunted them. White people would massacre the slaves if they were found. Other plantation owners pushed their slaves to the brink of death. Slaves, and black folk, were and are still being persecuted for their skin color and other traits. In conclusion, the events of witch hunts must be avoided to save lives.

Every different example of witch hunts can teach something. To learn from these witch hunts requires a specific ideology to prevent them from occurring more and more. Witch hunts are still in the world today, but we must make sure those prosecuted are innocent until proven guilty.