I often ask the question on how the world would come to an end. It is my nature to ask this. For a while I thought that this question was without an answer. I became interested in this topic a few years ago, but never explored my curiosity. It started when I went to church. The Pastor was talking about the end of the world and to be prepared because the time is drawing near.

I wasn't really paying attention, but when he said "The end of the world is coming" It kind of caught my ear. For a second, it reminded me of the movie Armageddon. The part when the asteroid hit the earth, I immediately removed that vision from my head. I stopped and realized that I really didn't know much about how the world was going to end I started talking about this with my mother. She said if I was really interested to talk to the Pastor at our church. So after church one Sunday I stayed after and started talking with the Pastor.

I stated that I really enjoyed the service and shortly afterward I started talking about when he was preaching about the end of the world and how we should be ready. I was kind of shy in the beginning but after a while I enjoyed talking to him. I asked him where I can find out more information about the end of the world. He told me I should look into the last book of the Bible, The Book of Revelation..