1. Her personality is implied through her reactions and feelings throughout the story. Calixta was a caring and worrisome mother. When the storm came she was standing at the window watching, lightning struck a nearby tree and she exploded in emotion for the safety of her husband, child, and herself. That would be her most significant trait. She is also very family orientated.

Although she had a unfaithful encounter with Alcee, she knew her family was more important. This is evident by the last few chapters where Calixta is thankful for her family being safe and Alcee and Calixta go their separate ways. 2. Calixta is different from the rest of the characters for a few reasons.

She was the only character who was in a serious emotional distress of the storm and in conflict with emotions for another person. She had more to deal with then her family who was only stranded and waiting for the storm to pass over. She also seemed to be more nervous throughout the story than the rest of the characters because she was in the presence of her former lover while worrying for her family. This is evident in the line .".. Calixta nervously began to gather up from the floor the lengths of cotton sheet... ." 3.

Calixta primary motivation is difficult to understand, especially at first glance. She was a caring mother who provided for her family. She was in need of help because she was unable to provide help or care for her family because of the storm. This conflict of man versus nature stopped her ability to provide and be there for her family although it was her primary motivation.

4. Calixta does understand her motivation in the story. Although, Alcee's presence does interrupt and distract her main focus of her family. Alcee and Calixta's interlude happened during this storm, when Calixta should been more focused on the whereabouts of her family. But after this encounter, she realizes what is more important when Alcee rides away on his horse. 5.

Calixta changes a lot during the story I think. This prior relationship seemed almost unfinished and could have hurt her current marriage. After Alcee leaves her house and the storm passes, her attitude changes and becomes more grateful for her family. The last line of chapter III describes the family and Calixta "laughing so much and loud...

." after her husband and child finally arrive home, which shows her feelings for her family and even deeper than before. The Antagonist 1. The protagonist in "The Storm" would be M'sieur Alcee. His first impression is to be a protector of Calixta. When Calixta's husband and son are stranded at the store during the storm, Alcee rides to her home. His intentions, at first, were to remain outside, as if he was going to be able to protect Calixta's house from this commanding storm.

This shows his respect for women and deep emotional attachment to Calixta. This would be his most significant personality trait as well. 2. Alcee and Calixta are described more than another character in the story. Alcee is different because he is the one who came to almost save Calixta.

Calixta was never in any serious danger, only worried for her family and afraid of the storm. Alcee, being over-protective, rides to her house and provides her with company during this almighty storm. Calixta's husband, Bobinot, remains with his son and does not travel home because of the storm. This separates a difference between Bobinot and Alcee. 3. Alcee's primary role was to protect.

His first intention was to stay outside of Calixta's house and never go in. Although the storm was too strong and furious, consequently Alcee came inside. This protective role stays true when Calixta outbursts in emotion from the threatening storm and Alcee holds her in his arms. 4.

This protagonist does understand his motivation. Although he does still have some unfinished and deep emotion for Calixta that go way beyond just trying to protect her. When he was holding her, the author describes him as "enervated." The denotative meaning is that he was weak and depleted in strength. Connotative ly, it means he was helpless against his attraction to Calixta although he has a loving wife. 5. The protagonist changes throughout the story in a few different ways.

First he tried to remain outside the house during the storm. Then, when inside her home, he becomes reacquainted and reminiscent with his previous emotions with her. This is shown through the author's descriptions of when he was holding her in his arms and looking into her blue eyes. Lastly, almost as it starts to become intimated between the two, it ends and Alcee leaves and rides away on his horse with a smile.