In The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros Rosa Vargas, Marin and Ruthie portray common struggles that women in that time dealt with and now in society. Cisneros' portrays the struggles of having to be independent, having to be a single mother, and being isolated from society. An important issue that has been affecting our society from almost the beginning of time is the fact of women having to survive on their own. In life there are many women who have to raise a family on their own which is a very hard task to accomplish.

In the story, Rosa Vargas is a single-mother trying to raise her kids to be responsible adults, but its hard for her because it is so many of them and only her to take care of them. In life many women go through the same struggles having to put their lives aside and having to raise their kids, it isn't easy, but if she would not do it no one would care for them. "I have not been able to get a good nights rest in over 5 years because of my kids (Patterson) ." One woman stated this because she is always taking care of her kids. She cannot go to sleep because sooner or later one of her kids will wake up and ask for something.

That is a hard life to live giving up being able to go out wherever and whenever you want, having the opportunity to meet new people, and the chance of not having any worries on your mind. There are many women in society who are isolated from society because of what people think is the ideal way to life. Ruthie in the story has to live with her mother because her husband left her. She has to live with the fact that the man that she wants to be with does not love her.