In Common Sense, by Thomas Paine writes that America cannot recon ciliate with Great Britain. Paine gives many examples in this document of why America cannot re consolidates with Great Britain. One of them is there is no advantages to being connected to Great Britain; only disadvantages can come out of the connection and the second idea is British government must sooner or later end. In the first point about the connection with the British, Paine states that America can benefit much more if it was not connected to the British for many reasons. One of them is trade with other European countries will decline or even go to ruins because if Europe breaks out into a war other countries will not trade with America because of the connection with the British. Second is the fact that the British does not protect us unless its in there interest or benefit to do so.

Paine states that when the British fought off Spain and France, it was to protect Great Britain's interest not Americas. He states this because if America was not benefiting Great Britain with trade and money or anything else; the British would not protect America. Paine's third point is the fact that Britain is a monster. In this point he states that England brings tyranny to America because of the persecutions of emigrants that came to America in the first place and that Britain still pursues the descendants of the first emigrants. In Thomas Paine's second point he states that the British form of government cannot keep peace within America anytime longer.

Paine gives two points to support his idea of this; one is the fact that the King can pass any law he wants upon America because he still has absolute power. He states this because he thinks the notion of this is completely wrong because he says that a twenty-one year old youth is not wiser than some the millions and millions of people he serves. Thomas Paine's second point is that America needs a new form of government the kind of 'The Law Is King'; instead of the king is the law to make America be a free country. In this point Paine also states that there would be civil unrest unless there is a government in America. The example of the government he gives is the continental form of government.

He says that this form of government will keep peace in America. In this document Thomas Paine shows two biases. One of them is the toward not reconciliation with the British because of this bias Paine does not give any examples of how Great Britain benefited America and his second bias is toward a constitutional government not an absolute monarch. This document impacted society in two ways: society of 1776 and society of today. In society of 1776 it impacted them because this document influenced people to fight for their independence against the British because Paine gave many examples of how wrong the British is treating America and showing people there is no benefit toward the connection with the British.

This document was like a recruiting soldiers paper. This document impacted society of today because in America we take granted of all the freedoms that came out of being separated with the British and the government we have today was also affected because in this document of Thomas Paine; he states that America must have a government that Law Is King. That's what we have today.