NASCAR speech NASCAR... ever heard the word before? I know I have! To you it just might seem like some new kind of car or something. But to me, it means a lot. It basic ly means every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...

caus' that's when all the fun begins! Friday is when the pre action takes place. This is when 700 horses, 4 gears, 22 gallons of high octane gas, 3400 lbs of metal, and a race team try out the track. There is 34 races a year, consisting mostly on sundays every week. There are 18 tracks, and 3 different kinds of track; oval, road, and square.

On friday, about 45-50 cars all qualify... which means they do 1 or 2 laps on the track, and the fastest 44 cars get to race on Sunday or possibly on Saturday. Saturday the cars have a time called happy hour. Happy hour is when the drivers make last minute changes to the car, or they just mess around and have a happy ol' time. Sunday is race day. This is what all the training and days of practice are for.

Depending on the track, whether it be a short tack, speedway, or super speedway, the drivers adjust and prepare for the 3 hour drive of 500 miles at 150-200 mph. Superspeedways are driver favorites. Superspeedways are oval tracks that are 2 miles long or more. Drivers per fer these tracks because they don't have to turn the wheel as much, press the brake as much, and the day is over quicker.

2 super speedways... Talladega and Daytona, require cars to have a restrict or plate. The restrict or plate actually make the cars go slower, because these tracks are too fast and have most or even all of the deaths in NASCAR racing... these tracks with a restrict or plate average up to 195 mph a lap. Think about the speed without the restrict or plate, Speeds can go up to 230 mph. Every car has a special number-1-99 and they usually have a sponsor too.

This is so they can be spotted from the crowd... did I mention an average NASCAR race has 3 times as many people then their is at a World Series game. I hope I've inspired you to become a NASCAR fan, because it's the fastest growing sport in America and you should hop on aboard.