The meaning of premenstrual, according to Webster's Dictionary, is: 'occurring before a menstrual period.' Men do not have menstrual cycles, since they do not have uteri. A uterus is required for menses. Does the possibility exist that men have the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)? Can the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome be associated with the male species? Due to the numerous symptoms associated with PMS, this essay deals with the symptoms of: irritability and stress, food cravings and weight gain, headaches. Just mentioning PMS makes some people irritable. How people express their irritability differs from each person. Some people express their irritable mood with body language.

Such as, when a person throws his or her hands up in the air, and says, 'touch me and die,' this is a good indication that they are irritable. Most people's personalities control how they react to anger. Most people's personalities differ. Some people feel hostile, while others just show hostility. Most men say, 'that they are just stressed out.' Most men think that when women get stressed out, it is due to a hormone-imbalance due to PMS. Some people get food cravings when their hormones are imbalanced.

Hormones control when people feel get cravings. Most people crave certain foods. Whether, the chocolate melts in their hands, the toppings are piled on the pizza, or they feel the need to lick the inside of the potato chip bag; people get cravings. Cravings can influence a person's diet. Some people eat healthy foods and exercise. They control their craving and eating habits.

Other people give in to their bodies natural cravings. Some men use the excuse that they have a 'sweet tooth' when they have a craving. But, most men say that when some women eat 'they are stuffing their mouths.' If a person does not exercise enough, and gives into too many cravings, they can get overweight. With ninety percent of the American adult population overweight; a lot of people are giving in to their cravings. Some people substitute food for affection. Others eat just because they are bored.

Some people eat when they get depressed. Most people get depressed at some point in their lives. Hormone-imbalances can cause depression. Depression happens to some people when they have PMS. Hormones get released by certain hormone-producing glands into the body. The brain uses these hormones to dictate what emotions a person has.

When the hormone that produces depression gets released, a person gets depressed. A person may feel like they are not wanted, or needed by others. They may feel like what they do is not good enough for other people. Some people deal with depression by crying, while others just stay in their homes. Depression is a symptom of PMS, and most people get depressed. Most men say that 'they are just down, or feeling a little depressed'.

If women get depressed, most men use the excuse, ' women are just too damn emotional,' or they say, 'it is just PMS, she will get over it when she starts her menstrual period.' Do men have the symptoms of PMS? The answer depends on which of the sexes a person asks. If someone where to ask a man the answer would, probably be no. If a person were to ask a woman the answer would, probably be yes. Can men have menstrual periods? No, they do not have uteri. Do both sexes have similar symptoms? Yes, but they are called by different names.

Do men have the symptoms every 28 days? No, most men have symptoms more often.