The debate whether America should have a war to Iraq lasted for about 2 years. As far as I am concerned, however, I agree that America should not have a war to Iraq. The first argument that can be presented to develop my position is that the immediate war to Iraq costs for the U. S. will come to about 200 billion, giving the American people heavy economical burden. A good example may be found in many documents and statistics.

So far, Congress appropriated approximately&56 billion in April 2003; another &72 billion in November 2003. The total amounts to 2004 is over &150 billion, but will be higher as the bush administration request further spending later this year (National priorities project 3-5). As everybody know, the attack on Iraq was not justified under the United Nations (UN), most countries in the world will not spend much money for the war. As a result of it, America people have to pay them. Under such a circumstance, the war affects everyone, not just those directly involved in the fighting. One of the more quantifiable effects of the war is that the financial burden it places on our tax dollars.

Tax will be raised inevitably, damaging the developments of other aspects such as business, education and health care. There is another reason for me to choose this statement. I ran affects the economy of America, making america have unbelievable high deficit, and making the exchange rate of USA dollars to other currency drops un historically. let us consider the American bu get status in recent years. What's happened is that between 1997 and 1998, the US achieved a balanced budget after almost two and a half decades of deficits. The White House estimates the budget deficit for 2003 will be $307 billion, and drop to $304 billion in 2004.

Furthermore, the exchange rate for US dollars is weakening continue sly and the Euro is strengthening greatly because of american so massive current account and budget deficits. The U. S. dollar fell to another new low against the euro Friday, pushing the European currency higher than &1. 34.

The dollar has dipped to record lows or multiyear lows against the Euro. (USA Today, 02 Dec, 2004). As a result of it, all the products America import from other county will raise the price, making American people need pay extra money to buy those products.