My mother is the closest person to me. We share a deep bond that makes me feel unique. Despite all the troubles that she's been through, she still manages to keep her feet on the ground and her head held up high. She's always there for me when I need help, and I never hesitate to ask her for advice. She's a strong person, always patient and forgiving me, even when I know I don't deserve it. My mother never thinks twice about offering concern, comfort and care to anyone she meets.

She's a truly wonderful person. My mother gives me a sense of security by showing me that she's always there. Even though we " re miles and miles apart, she's still with me in spirit, guiding me when I'm lost, helping me find the solution to the toughest problems you can imagine. She doesn't need to tell me that she cares, I can understand her by the tone of her voice. She's there to appreciate my laughter, she's there to dry my tears, and most of all, she's there to help me understand and accept life's ups and downs. A lot has happened between us over the years, we spent time together, and time apart.

There were times when I thought we couldn't get any closer, and there were times when we seemed so far apart. But somehow since I'm in college, we seem closer now than ever, maybe not by distance, but by our hearts. Perhaps it's because I grew up now, and we understand each other better. She's willing to listen to me like an adult, and to me she's my best friend.