Oedipus the King In Oedipus the King a story about a rule who is destined to rule the Kingdom of Thebes and murder his own father and marry his mother, a ruler chosen to lead his people by answering a simple riddle, and unsuspectingly chosen to plague a city. Oedipus is a tragic figure; imagine that you have been told that you will kill your father and marry you mother by a divine power, the thought of that will drive a man maniacal. Which it did to Oedipus, after reading that brief introduction of the story I would think that is a point in change in the story, well not really because any reader is familiar with this story you would know what happened. It seems to have a tragic and ironic twist.

That is why I believe that a point of change in the story is where Oedipus the King decides what to do with the murderer who has plagued the city of Thebes, the following has lead me to believe so. Well because of what Oedipus has set for the murderer I strongly believe that all of Hat ius has broken lose. Let me talk about the leading moment in which I was felt to believe the change in the story for the tragic Oedipus. Thebes a city in plague Oedipus has Finally what Oedipus has set out to do with the murderer which was to "drive him out" and "He is the plague" also he stats "Now my curse on the murderer", and more importantly "I curse my self as well." Ironic of him to say this due to the fact that at this point he is the murderer and does not know it.

Oedipus basically shunned himself at this point he is clueless on the murderer. By now Oedipus is irate in the way his city has dealt with the problem on that no citizen has turn in the suspect in the crime or him self in so he turns to the blind prophet, Tiresias again who reveals the truth to him in riddles even he can't answer. After this point in the story plot has worsen for Oedipus because only enrage he cannot see the true murderer which is him. All of Thebes has realize this except for him as a final act of desperation to reveal the truth, he calls upon the shepherd who was assigned to dispose of him. The Shepherd reveals to him all upon which Oedipus excepts the truth and as if he has not gone through a lot takes his eyes at and banish him self from the city.