This book is about a mentally retarded 32 years old man, named Charlie. The story is said through his point of view. It justifies some facts about life realities. Although this is a fictional story it proves some powerful points in real life. The major important theme understood through a reader's perspective is that kn ow ledge is bitter, and it takes away our innocence." we had a lot of fun at the bakery today. Joe Carp said, "Hey look where Charlie had his operation.

What did they do CHarlie? Put some brains in?" I was hoping to tell him about me getting smart, but i remembered Professor Namur said no. Then frank Reply said, "What did you do Charlie? Open a door the hard way?" That made me laugh. They " re my friends and they really like me." (P. 16) This is a chosen portion grow the beginning of the story when CHarlie is still mentally retarded, and doesn't understand many things well. He mistakes unworthy people who make fun of him as his friend. I selected this passage because it shows life through innocent eyes.

It shows life in the good way. Care free, happy, and no personal or emotional conflicts involved. Charlie has wanted his whole life to be smart. he wants to be able to please others. When he is chosen for a scientific operation in means to raise his I. Q.

he accepts eagerly. After his I. Q. raises to above 180 gradually, he starts to have inner-conflicts with himself. He finds out the truth about how he has been treated his whole life, and is faced with unsatisfaction and unhappiness. He fulfills his educational a abilities in order to become happy.

But only to realize that he is even less happy. He then becomes to realize that although he has changed into an intelligent adult, he still has the emotional state of a child. Therefore unable to maintain any relationship or to understand himself. THis story make me reveal some things about myself.

It also made me realize the cruelty human beings create in our society. The lack of our happiness and the complexity of life lies under our knowledge. sometimes when knowledge is removed innocence is maintained. THis book took me to a high level of understanding some social and inner issues about our world. I really enjoyed reading it and i highly recommend it.