Each book report this year should be a minium of ten and one-half typed pages... to get an b average at least 20 pages. 1. Establish the story (introduce setting and) A. setting-Describe three important settings in your novel.

one setting should be from the begging, one from the middle and one from the end of your book. these should be three most important settings (surroundings). Each should be about 1/2 to 3/4 page in length. examples would describing houses, hoods, kitchens, bedrooms, backyards, rooms, mountains, valleys, gardens, barns, etc. B. Characterization-Describe three specific examples directly out of the book About their: a) s peach b) thoughts c) personality d) looks e) what others think / say about them.

the characters should the main character, protagonist, a minor character, antagonist, and another minor character of your choosing. devote at least two pages to each character. be sure to separate and highlight a-e above. you must use the authors words here, not your own 2. conflict-tell what the maji or conflict is in your novel. man vs.

(man, nature, ma chien, himself) tell when the major conflict begins (somewhere near the front) and give examples of how it bu lids continually thought the story. I also want you to look for and talk about one minor conflict, which is happening in your book. together this should take one full page. 3.

climax describe, in denial, the high point of this novel. this is the point from which everything changes, and the conflict begins to be resoled or the problem is solved. one page. 4 conflict resolved-tell how things changed after the climatic moment. tell how all the problems were solved. tell how each character is now going to live.

tell how things will get back to normal for each and every character. at least one page. be sure to label (title) each page. again, please a t abel of contents page.