What is war? A conflict between two countries or is it more than that? Some may call it the loss of innocence. All young men were drafted into the war. Most not even knowing what they were fighting for and thinking they " ll come out the same as when they went in. Not knowing the torture they will be put through. Some end up crazy if they don't die from the war. Crazy, killed, or wounded they have still been lost.

Innocent young men shouldn't be fighting a war that they didn't inflict. The people who started the war should fight it because they inflicted it. If they choose to declare war to help the countries people and then stick those people in the war to die. Then what's the point of fighting for it when they " re going to die and not have it to begin with. War is nothing but about putting innocent men before death so that the men running the country can have something they want. It's okay to have war if it's for freedom, or against something that's being inflicted upon the country.

If it's the cause of being greedy, like another country wanting to own another country then war is not okay. The loss of innocence is greatly grieved. They were called heroes for fighting for their country in a time of need. But is war worth fighting for just to be called a hero of their country or would it be better to live in a country that won and grieve the heroes.