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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Colonists Fight For Freedom From England - 286 words

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Colonists' Fight For Freedom From EnglandEngland wanted to control the colonies. Their plan was to gain power overAmerica so they would be able to tax the colonists. In an attempt to get money,from the colonies, England passed several acts, the Stamp Act and the QuarteringAct. The Quartering Act stated that the colonists had to provide food andshelter for the royal troops. The Stamp Act required the colonists to buy astamp when they purchased certain items. The Stamp Act angered everyone becauseit hit everyone's pocketbook. Colonists acted strongly and quickly, the StampAct was later repealed.

Even though England had failed with the Stamp Act they continued tryingto gain control and tax the colonies. Parliament passed the Townshend Acts in1767 which taxed paint, glass, lead, paper, and tea. Customs Officials weregranted documents, or writs of assistance, to enforce the act. These documents,issued by a court, allowed them to go into privet homes and businesses withoutreasonable suspicions to look for smuggled goods, at any time! In response, many groups started their own special boycotts. TheDaughters of Liberty, a group organized by woman, held public spinning bees,where they made Americana cloth. Paper, paint, and cloth were all made by thecolonists. A sense of unity was created with the help of the boycott.

The colonists' boycott of British goods paid off. In 1770 the Britishgovernment repealed the Townshend taxes on paint, paper, glass, and lead. Theonly item that still had a Townshend tax was tea. This news calmed mostcolonists. However, not everyone was happy, this was far from over. The colonists stood their ground and fought for what they believed theydeserved.

To be free! Free from England's rule, free from their taxes, and freeto start their new world, America..

Essay writing, free essay topics, sample works Colonists Fight For Freedom From England

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