The Story of an Hour 1. Summary of the story Mrs. Mallard receives notice from her sister Josephine and family friend Richards that her husband had died in an accident. She cries in her room, but realizes that she is happier without her husband. When she gets out of the room, her husband opens the front door and she dies the moment she sees him.

2. Characters Character External Internal Mrs. Louise Mallard Light skin, long dark hair, big brown eyes, young, fair calm face, heart trouble. Submitted to her husband, unhappy, dreamer. B rently Mallard Light skin, lots of facial hair, tall, middle aged.

Dominant, arrogant. Josephine Light skin, long blonde hair, young, Mrs. Mallard's sister. Nervous under the circumstances Richards Family Friend, tall, light skin, dark eyes, middle aged man. Quiet, observer. 3.

My likes/ dislikes I like the way the story evolves, first it has a sad mood when she was told about her husband's death. The next mood I was taken to was hope, she had hope, dreams, and visions of a better life by herself. When Mr. Mallard appears I was surprised and at the same time sadness came back because Mrs. Mallard's hopes died when she saw him.

Ironically, at the end, which I think was a great one, she dies, I guess at that point, after being able to think on herself, she couldn't handle going back to her old life. I liked the story, but didn't like the film as much. 4. Relation of title to the story The title has a symbolic relation to the story. The whole story takes place in a short period of time, in that time she receives the notice, dreams of a new life, her husband reappears and she dies. That's why it is called The Story of an Hour, because her happiness didn't last long.

5. Presence of irony The last part of the last sentence of the story, "joy that kills", describes the whole irony present in the story.