Why drop the bomb on Hiroshima. Why drop the bomb on Hiroshima. There are lots of arguments for and against dropping the bomb's on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since the day that that monumental event took place people have debated whether the U. S. A.

should have drooped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Opinions on whether it was right or wrong differ, an absolutist might say that you are killing so it is wrong. But and a relativist would say that in the long run you would be saving thousands of lives both civilian and military. Is that not what all military leaders strive for? But was it fair to pick a civilian target? Is war between soldiers of a nation or the nations them selves? How you answer these questions dictates what you opinion on this controversial subject is. Why did president Truman drop the bomb and was he right to drop it where he did? Why should the U. S.

A. have dropped the bomb? With the end to the Japanese role in the war it would effectively bring the war to an end. After pearl harbour the Americans had been humiliated. The government and the people wanted to see someone pay for the tremendous loss of life in that fateful attack. The bombs where the perfect way to get their own back for that incident at Pearl Harbour and show the world that they were boss and should not be challenged or the consequences would be devastating. It spelled out America's start of the new dominant military power over every other nation.

No one would ever challenge America after they had seen what they where destructive power they were capable of. It would also bring an end to the U. S. A's war with Japan. There is also the fact that the Americans had spent millions of dollars to build the bomb. If they did not use it the public would question whether they should pay tax for something like this to be build and never use it.

The public unless shown that it was needed would loose faith in their government's choice of spending. But even after The U. S. A. had inflected such a terrible curse On the people of Hiroshima, they dropped a second bomb on another Civilians Area with Just as much horror as the first. Inflicting the same death and destruction on thousands more.

The second bomb showed that the USA was prepared to continue using such force if the Japanese did not surrender and admit defeat. If it was not for the second attack then the Japanese's might question whether the USA had or would drop another bomb it showed it was not a one-time event. There are also some good reasons why they should not have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. They knew what affect the bomb would have on the surrounding area and the people in the blast area.

Yet they still dropped the bomb, Not on a military target but on a civilian area. This action was the cause of the world public's feeling of annoyance, that the USA had caused so much loss of civilian life. The horror of the pain of the civilian's that survived the blast but died of the radiation poisoning a days after, the suffering endured by those few people over those day was the greatest in history. The public was also questioning the need for such a weapon. The Japanese where on the retreat so was it really needed to use such measures on a nation so close to defeat. Since the start of the war the countries that Germany had declared war on had felt the affects of war on civilians.

They had all experienced the horror of bombing civilian areas. So they greatly disapproved of the choice of target but the Americans did feel it was pay back for there horror at Pearl Harbour. Was it really necessary to drop the second bomb? Why drop the bomb so soon after the first on had been dropped. This second attack also brought out rage to the public because the USA had still dropped the bomb on a civilian target causing thousands of civilian deaths. Why did the USA still bomb a civilian area why not attack a military target. Why drop it if they had shown what destructive power they where capable of.

The speed in which the second attack was executed showed that if the Japanese did not act fast then there would be a lot of casualties, on there side. I think that they should have dropped the bomb because if they did make that fateful decision to drop the bomb, then it would bring a swift end to the Great war in witch thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians had all ready met there end in. But I think they should have waited longer before dropping the second bomb, giving Japan a greater chance a debate. If Japan did not surrender then they should have dropped the bomb but it was wrong to drop the bomb on a civilian area and it should have been detonated ion a military target.