ACCOUNTING I am planning on going into some type of business field when I get out of college. Most likely I am going to be an accountant. There are several different types of accounting jobs. I am interested in being a public accountant. Accounting is a very important part of any business or individual that must keep financial records and pay taxes. Without the knowledge of accountants, no one individual that is running a business could keep up with the rapidly changing tax laws and regulations.

Accountants have to be able to analyze and compare facts and figures quickly. Keeping track of payments and other financial records for individual or institutional clients is an important task. Having good computer skills is essential for accountants. Being comfortable with numbers and communicating with people are also important skills in accounting. There is often a lot of promotions available in accounting departments in large companies. People who are not prepared to advance will get assigned routine jobs.

Good accountants that show a great deal of interest and put a lot of effort into their work should receive promotions quickly. An accounting degree is not an easy degree to earn. Anyone going into the accounting field should be prepared for many years of hard work in obtaining their college education. Many hours of study each year are also required after going into business for yourself or working for a firm to keep up with the changes in the tax laws and regulations. It takes a lot of hard work to be an accountant, but a good accountant can earn financial rewards and personal satisfaction.