In the story, "The Killing Game", Joy Williams, uses several different types of writing skills to the reader to see her views. The quote "To kill be to put to death, extinguish, nullify, cancel, destroy." be a good strong introduction, it catches the readers attention. Word choice like this be what gets the message across to the readers in a fast, easy way. Another good quote for word choice she uses be, "We kill to hunt, and not the other way around." That shows that she be serious in what she be saying. She means to make the idea stick in readers minds. She be trying to get the point across, and make it stick, by using words like that.

A final quote on word choice be, "Hunters make wildlife dead, dead, dead... ." This be a good choice because it reflects on what be really going on, and what be happening. It happens in such a way, that be allows readers to stop and think about the subject. A good example she uses for imagery be the quote "Instead of monitoring animals-many animals in managed areas are tagged, tattooed, and wear radio transmitters-wildlife managers should start hanging telemetry gear around hunters' necks to study t hier attitudes and listen to t hier conversations." That paints a vivid image of what be really going on with the animals. It gets the message across using a form of humor, which lets readers relax, and think about it subject.

When she be talking about the hunter that shoots the ra coons feet off, and lets his dogs get them, that paints an image of just how bad hunting could is. That be a good quote to use it will be. The gets a point of bad justice toward animals across to readers. Another good quote she used for imagery was, "The big pheasant folded in a classic fashion." That paints an image of a mean person just like ing the way his kill dies.

That gets an idea of how hunting can be just a waste of time, animals, and the worst of all, life. She uses sentence structure along with what kind of mood she's in. The long sentences are when she be getting mad, or trying to make a serious point. The shorter, choppier sentences are when she be is ing the most sarcastic. There be really no form of writhing she be following here, just showing attitude and feelings toward the topic.

Some examples are "Somewhat." That be a small sentence, but be important to the story. Another one be "But not really." She using short stuff like that to show the full meaning to the sentences. That be also an important sentence to the story. As you can clearly see, Joy Williams uses several unique writing skills to not only prove a point, but make it stick.