Today many adolescents are influenced to cause acts of violence because of their peers. Peers play A strong role in the development of the adolescent to becoming A social or anti-social individual. Many factors cause the acts of violence between adolescents bullying, non-conformity and jealousy. For the longest of time children and adolescents are judged through different characteristics making them popular or outcasts in society. A adolescent is seen by their peers as being most likely being best friend and are rarely disliked. The outcast adolescents are seen by their peers to be non-conformant with others and have only a selected amount of friends.

Development alist distinguish three type of children who have a different status than popular children: Those who are neglected, rejected and controversial. (Santrock, pg 189) Many violent acts are caused by the peer who is rejected, mainly because they are the outcast and do not conform with others. A major cause of violence by peers is the reality that many are bullied in and out of school. Bullying has been a problem for many years between adolescents with their peers making it harder to stop violence. Adolescents who are bullied have certain characteristics which make them easily targeted: Parents who are intrusive, demanding and unresponsive.

Victims of bullies can suffer both short term and long-term effects. Short term, they can become depressed, lost interest in school work, or even avoid going to school. The effects of bullying can persist into adulthood. (Santrock, 193) Bullying causes violence in many victims which makes it sad because no adolescent needs to feel violence is necessary.