Zerg V. Protoss On planet Char, controlled by the mind controlling warp weapon, the Zergs, a fierce alien race, were at war with the Terren, a human like race. The Zerg were being pushed off their own planet. So Kerrigan, the leader of Zerg, devised a brilliant plan. She was going to genetically engineer a new breed to help destroy the Terren. They would combine part of them and the Terran to create the Protoss, a new alien race.

Their plan is a success and their Protoss is powerful enough to push back the Terren. When Terren hears of the new breed, Protoss, they quickly challenges the Zergs to a battle in order to win over the Protoss. During the battle of Gloopinbopper, Zerg pushes on, with the help of the new creation Protoss. After days of battling and heavy losses they easily overruns the Terren and out numbers them ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and thirty four to thirty-seven thousand four hundred and fifty two. The Zerg's final push to reconquer their home planet and retake the mind controlling warp weapon is once again a success. After the long and strenuous battle the Protoss begin to realize the sheer strength they possess within themselves.

They decide that they are tired of being treated as pure slaves and begin to devise a plan to overthrow the Zergs and take over of the mind controlling warp weapon. After months of planning they finally have a devious idea on how to take over. But while still in the planning stages the Zerg realizes what they are planning and attack. The Protoss are caught off guard and have no choice but to retreat to the deserted planet of Pigglywigglywump. The Terren hear of what is going on between the Protoss and the Zerg. So they decide to use what little troops they have left to try to take over the weak Zerg and buy the Protoss time.

With the time the Protoss gain they build a crystal powered mega bomb that is capable of destroying anything and everything around it, with the exception of the Protoss. In the meantime the Zerg have destroyed the Terran and are planning to continue their attack on the Protoss. They send every available troop to planet Pigglywigglywump, but what they don't know is that Protoss has built a superb weapon of death. When the Zerg arrive they find the Protoss waiting with their weapon and try to retreat quickly.

Unfortunately for the Zerg, they are not quick enough with their retreat to escape the blast and are all blown to smithereens. So now with the Zerg and the Terran gone, the Protoss move back to planet Char and live happily ever after! THE END.