Chat Rooms and Forums At the fast growing rate of computers and technology, communication had to be improved. As a result, e-mails and chat rooms were formed. The first allows one to send a message to anyone who has Internet and an e-mail address anywhere around the world at no cost (excluding the monthly fee for Internet access). The second enables Internet users to meet people from all over the world.

However, the discoveries don't stop there. The newest Internet connections on the market are discussion forums. These are a mixture of e-mails and chat rooms. I have conducted my own little research on chat rooms and forums and I have learned many new aspects of the two. In the following report I will describe both on-line connects and give advice based on my experience with the two.

Chat lines (rooms) are places on the Web which people from different or the same countries go to and chat. The common aspect of all chat rooms is that they ask you to enter a name-any name, it is there to protect your identity- before entering a chat room. Most offer a variety of rooms to go to. Some have a topic to debate; others are for certain age groups. There is even some chat rooms that debate only one idea or cause. For example, during the O.

J. Simpson trail, a chat line was formed for those who believed he was guilty. That means people from different countries who knew about the trail went to this specific chat line if they wanted to discuss the progress of the trail with others who shared their opinion. Another common characteristic of chat lines is that they have channel operators. Channel operators are employees of a certain chat line. Their job is to chat with users of their company's chat line and also ensure that everyone follows their rules.

To be permitted into a chat room, the user first has to agree to obey the rules. However, it happens occasionally that someone is not behaving and that is whe the channel operator kicks them out of the chat room. The channel operators are the only ones allowed throwing someone out. They are the people a user contacts while chatting if another user is causing them problems..