Ecstasy, or MDMA, has become a major drug problem in the last few years. Although it is widely used, it has been proven to be dangerous. Ecstasy is a designer drug, which means it is synthetically made by street chemists. These people are not usually certified chemists and are in it for the money. This makes taking E even more dangerous. Ecstasy effects are very similar to Amphetamines and speed.

Although the chemical structure is not similar to these other drugs, the effect on the body is the same. This is an informational article and in no way endorses the use of ecstasy, since it is a dangerous and illegal drug. NAMES Ecstasy, since it is highly illegal, naturally has many names to cover its true identity. Ecstasy is also known as MDMA, pills, Adam and eve, X, E, Ecstacy, XTC, or Adam. Some fake-ecstasy drugs can be bought over the counter, such as Cloud 9, or The Pill. These are herbal fakes, and are considered by experts to not be anything like ecstasy in its true form.

They may say they are ecstasy, but they really aren't. DOSAGE A average person must take 100-159 milligrams orally to feel the full effects of this drug. The drug works quickly, and effects will be noticed about forty-five minutes later. As with other drugs, if it is smoked, snorted, or injected, it will work quicker. The physical effects generally last about eight hours.

The mental effects can last much longer, with them trailing off around one or two days. MENTAL EFFECTS The mental effects of ecstasy are sometimes hard to describe since they are mental feelings. Scientists have classified the major mental effects of ecstasy. Entactogenesis is the first major effect of ecstasy when people feel that everything is right and good with the world.

They also find interest in common everyday objects. They just have a general happy feeling. Em pathogenesis is the next major effect of ecstasy; it is seems to create a feeling of closeness to others and a breakdown of communication barriers. So it seems to make you be much for open with people than before. This effect probably helped ecstasy earn its name of the Love Drug. PHYSICAL EFFECTS MDMA can create any number of physical effects such as dizziness, accelerated heartbeat, sweating, insomnia, incessant talking, euphoria are all experienced.

Many users report a loss of judgment, which can threaten physical health. Almost every user of ecstasy has major loss of body fluid through sweating. This leads to dehydration and eventual collapse of body functions. Most users do not take this into consideration and dance the entire night without replenishing body liquids. This in can potentially cause any number of symptoms some of which include delirium. Some users even pass out because of massive dehydration.

Death has resulted from ecstasy, although the chance of dieing from it is rather low. COST Since it is a street drug, quality is not guaranteed. Many Ecstasy pills don't even contain MDMA. Some contain anything from sugar to speed. This can pose a major health risk to people who don't know what they are taking. Usually a "trip" on MDMA usually costs anywhere from fifteen dollars all the way up to thirty dollars.

The length of the trip and the quality of it all depend on what you pay in the end. Since it is illegal, there are no laws to control quality and formula. So if you bought ecstasy, you could be buying anything. RAVES In the modern world, the most commonplace ecstasy is found at is a rave. A rave usually is a gathering of people from as few as 45 to as many as 10, 000 people. Most raves are secret and are held with out the general public knowing of them.

Raves also sport techno music, DJ's, lighting effects, and other assorted dance equipment. These are generally part of the average E experience. Since most people experience Ecstasy at raves, the Rave has become a bad thing to the public. The DEA has cracked down on many raves, many of which did, in fact, have amounts of ecstasy on the grounds.

HEALTH MDMA causes a increase in heart rate and blood pressure in most people similar to that experienced in moderate exercise. So, people with heart problems, stroke, or hypersensitivity to drugs should not take ecstasy. It has now been proven in lab animals that ecstasy totally depletes the serotonin level in your brain, which can cause damage to neurons if the serotonin is not allowed to recover. The long-term effects of Ecstasy have shown that brain damage is possible and eventual Parkinson's and Alzheimer's symptoms arise. So it could even thirty years later, still manage to come back and ruin your life. Ecstasy has also been proven as a blood thinner, so if a user got cut, they risk the possibility to die from bleeding since their blood can't clot.

SIMILAR DRUGS Some similar drugs that are sometimes related to MDMA are GHB, MDD B, MDE, MDA, MDA, and MDMA. Most of these drugs are very similar to MDMA in chemical composition. They create a similar effect on the body too. Some daring users mix ecstasy with other drugs such as PCP, cocaine, heroin, pot, and speed. This usually results in major effects on the body.

Some of the users even die from the doses they take. Although the death rate of ecstasy is lower than many things, it is much higher if you mix it with other potentially dangerous drugs. Some users even end up in a coma, which is actually usually worse than death, since you are immobile for the rest of your life. Lawsuit is illegal to posses, sell, or produce Ecstasy. The DEA has established severe penalties of breaking any of the laws surrounding MDMA. The Fine for producing ecstasy is $250, 000 and fifteen years in prison.

The selling or possession of the drug is lower, with a fine from $25, 000 to up to $100, 000 with some imprisonment. As you can see, the DEA strictly enforces the laws surrounding ecstasy. HISTORY The Merck chemical company first produced MDMA in 1914 as a diet suppressant. Although its roots go deeper to MDA, its grandparent drug, MDMA was a diet suppressant until adverse side effects were noted. MDMA first became popular in the 1970's as the "love drug." At the time it was a good legal substitute to MDA. MDMA became very popular and by 1985, it came to the attention of the DEA, and they quickly made it illegal in 1985.

They classified it as a Class A drug, which is the highest level a illegal drug can reach. Other Drugs in Class A include; heroin, PCP, cocaine, and LSD. These drugs are considered the most threats to the population and have the largest abusers. For the DEA these are the drugs are most dangerous and they actively rage a non-violent drug war against them. CONCLUSION Ecstasy is a very dangerous drug that should be handled with respect. The adverse effects on the brain are not fully known at the time and many people have ended up ruining their lives by taking ecstasy.

Ecstasy is a drug that not much is known about and is considered by the government to be a hazard to life. In the end, ecstasy is dangerous, and even more dangerous when abused.