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(Prompt) Prometheus Prometheus, the Titan of Greek mythology, was considered to be the most important Titan ever in all the myths. He helped the human race tremendously in his efforts to sustain an easier lifestyle. Mankind had great respect for him because of his advantages and gifts or abilities he gave them. Also, his battle against Zeus as a result of his love for man was very much appreciated. Prometheus was one of the most interesting Greek mythology figures in his time. He was a very kind, loving, generous, and courteous god to mankind.

This can be seen through many events in his life including a particular myth that the reader will acknowledge in this research paper. Prometheus' birth has two sides of stories behind the myth. Most people, in that time period, weren't sure who Prometheus' mother was. His father, on the other hand, was Iapetus, one of the Titans.

One of Prometheus' mothers in the stories was Clymene, one of the Oceanids, and the other version has it that Asia, also one of the Oceanids, was Iapetus's po use (Parada 4). Whatever the case was, Epimetheus was Prometheus' brother. Later in life, Prometheus would tell Epimetheus not to accept any gift from Zeus because of the vision he would get from his ability to before-hand tell the future. This Epimetheus would later ignore when he would marry Zeus' creation, Pandora (Parada 3).

There are also two stories or sides to his marriage or mate or spouse that Prometheus chose. Some say it was Prono ia, and some say it was Clymene (Parada 5). The Clymene mentioned is ironically the same Greek figure as mentioned in the myth about Prometheus' mother (Parada 4-5). However, the only version of his offspring or child of his own was Deucalion (Parada 5). Deucalion shared a common interest in the love of man during the Great Flood like his father had (Hunt 1; Parada 2). During the Great Flood of the lands of Greece, Deucalion would learn to recreate men by throwing rocks over his head as commanded by his wish granted from Zeus because of his accomplishment of surviving.

This was a similar trait that would be shared by father-and-son. Prometheus was especially known as the 'god of fire'. This was so because in one of the myths, Prometheus was said to have stolen the fire from Zeus. Later, Prometheus would pay for this. He was also considered to be a 'supreme trickster', 'creator of mankind', a 'master craftsman', and a 'fore thinker' or a predictor of the future.

Zeus, the king of all the gods who had been tricked by Prometheus to accept the fat and bones as the traditional future sacrifices he commanded to man, later took the fire given to man by Prometheus and hid it in anger. Later, Prometheus took it back or stole it from Zeus and brought it to Earth for man again. In this, Zeus sent a Pandora to Epimetheus as a punishment for fire and Prometheus' 'siding' with mankind. Epimetheus later married her, even though Prometheus had told him not to do so or warned him. After that, mankind never again had been as privileged as before again (Britannica 1).

In Prometheus' many accomplishments, Prometheus was said to have created man. During the war of the Titans and Olympians, Prometheus and Epimetheus had not fought, so their lives were saved from imprisonment in Tatar us. The duty given to Prometheus by Zeus was to make or create man. With this, he carved and structured man from mud and earth, and the goddess, Athena, breathed life into it. Epimetheus was given the duty by Prometheus to provide the creatures of the Earth certain intelligence, strength, fur, hair, specific body parts, sharpness, swiftness, and other characteristics or traits. Since Epimetheus had already provided all the other creatures of the earth the better characteristics, there were none let for man.

Because of this, Prometheus made a decision to give man advantages like the ability to stand upright, similar to the gods, and to provide them fire (Hunt 1). Man had great respect for Prometheus because he had done so much to risk or sacrifice for them. He gave them fire twice and saved them from having to give the good meat to sacrifice to the gods and Zeus that man needed for nutrition. Everything he did for them was for their benefit because he loved them, and desired to see them well.

Since Prometheus loved man a lot, he decided to trick Zeus who declared that man must sacrifice the best part of each animal they killed to the gods. Prometheus, in reply, made two piles which one Zeus would pick to take as the sacrifices he would receive for the future. One of the piles consisted of bone wrapped in juicy fat and the other with good meat hidden in the hide of the animals. Zeus had given his word to accept it and then, naturally, he picked the bones.

Zeus grew angry and took the fire from man that Prometheus provided for them. Later, Prometheus stole the fire back from Zeus by taking it back from the sun. Zeus again grew angry and punished both man and Prometheus (Hunt 1). This led to the punishment given to Prometheus by Zeus as a result of fire. Zeus, in his rage, some say ordered Hephaestus to nail Prometheus' body to Mount Caucasus. Others say it was not Hephaestus but it was actually Hermes who did this.

But on the version were Hephaestus did it, he asked help of Bia (Force) and Crates (Power). For many years Prometheus had been on the mountain. During his time spent on Caucasus, he would have everlasting torture. Everyday an eagle, the symbol of Zeus, would come down from the sky and consume his liver which grew back every night so that the eagle could come again the next day when he feasted. Some say that it wasn't his liver that was actually eaten but that it was his heart. Some people say that the eagle that came and ate of his liver every day was the descendant of Typhon and Echidna.

Others say that Hephaestus sent it (Parada 2). The first being to ever discover Prometheus' torture on Mount Caucasus was a starving heifer-like creature named Io, Inachus' daughter, who had come for awhile to visit him regularly. She had exchanged stories with Prometheus by telling each sides of their misfortunes (Hamilton 95-99). Later on in time, the outcome of the myth ended when some say Hercules set Prometheus free by shooting the eagle and then releasing it (Parada 2). There are many things that give Prometheus his place in society. One happens to be the book, Prometheus Bound, by Aeschylus.

In this, he was considered to be the caretaker and preserver of man who brought fire and civilization to them. It also concerns all the arts, sciences, and means of survival he gave to them. Hemoid, the Greek poet, had written works of two legends Prometheus was involved with. They included his trickery on Zeus and the myth in this research paper concerning his punishment. Because of these reasons, Prometheus is better known and viewed by the expression 'Prometheus Bound' and what Hesiod had written about him. This helped many companies you can find over an internet search engine like Yahoo! chose their name because of the type of business they " re involved with that matches Prometheus' traits (Britannica 1).

An example would be Prometheus Chemical Industries like Prometheus' knowledge of science he gave man, or just any particular company that wants to maintain trust or protection in its clients like Prometheus' efforts to strengthen and manage mankind. Well, as you can tell, Prometheus' characteristics can be based from the knowledge, courtesy, and kindness he impacted on others of the human race. Even though the myth behind his birth is mysterious, that isn't what made him earn his place in society today. It was the traits given to this Greek mythological figure passed downed through ancient literature, stories, and other myths that really made his individuality what it is today. His faith in his creations was what made him the most important and respected Titan in Greek Mythology. Bibliography /Works Cited Hamilton, Edith.

Mythology. 'The Earliest Heroes: Prometheus and Io.' Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1942. (95-99) Hunt, J. M... 'Greek Mythology Stories Creation Man Prometheus.' web link/Greek myth / creation Man. html.

(1) Parada, Carlos. 'Deucalion 1, Greek Mythology Link.' web (1-3) 'Prometheus 1, Greek Mythology Link.' web (1-5) 'Prometheus - Britannica. com.' web ml? query = prometheus 3/22/01. (1).

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