CDI 2 Nero 0. 9 beta 7 - (C) 2001 by Debt web WARNING! This is beta software. It has not been fully tested and may contain bugs. Use it at you own risk. This tool must not be used to duplicate copyright-protected content. The author will not be responsible for its improper usage.

Purpose This little tool will convert a CDI (Disc Juggler) image to NRG (Nero) format. Both CDI 2. 0 and 3. 0 image versions are supported. It currently has support for: - CD-ROM/XA type CDs- Mode 2 and Audio tracks- Single session and Multisession images It lacks support for: - Audio-only CDs (TAO only) - Mode 1 data tracks These will be added soon. Usage Usage is very simple, just double-click the executable file and an Open File dialog will appear, select your source CDI image to convert and press OK.

A Save File dialog will then appear on the same path as source image. Write the desired name for the destination NRG image (you don't need to write any extension) and press OK. Default name is 'image. ng'. You can also use it from command-line. Syntax is: cd i 2 nero image.

cd i [image. ng]For command-line usage, if you don't specify a destination filename, the source image filename will be used but with NRG extension. Burning Once converted you can burn the newly created image. If a DAO warning message appears, you should select Yes (although this depends on burner, I think). This will only appear on Multisession images. Notes This is a unified DAO/TAO version, unlike previous ones, where you can select NRG image type when saving.

DAO images are most standard ones, and is the only format that Nero itself is able to generate. TAO images are special ones, which lacks a cue sheet, and track positions are managed by the burner itself. Nero is not capable of generating these. On most burners, these images will be burned in 'Track at Once' mode (hence the name) instead of default DAO. A general note is to burn in DAO (default) mode and if something fails, try TAO instead.

But note that if your burner doesn't support 'short' tracks (i. e. those below 302 sectors) you still will get errors when trying to burn such images. These errors are usually 'cannot write track at correct position', or seeing CD-Extra discs as Audio-only (i. e. no data track).

Below is a list of tested burners, reported by users, which get successful or failed in burning process: Success: Acer CRW 6206 A BTC BCE-432 IE Gateway 8 x 4 x 32 HP CD-Writer 7100 iHP CD-Writer 7200 eHP CD-Writer 8100 iHP CD-Writer 9310 i Iomega Zip CD 650 Iomega Zip CD USB (DAO only) Memorex CRW-1622 (DAO only) Mitsumi 4801 TESTI-975 Socrates Philips CDD 3610 Philips CDD 3801 Philips CDD 4201 Philips CRW 404 K Teac CD-R 56 S Yamaha 16 x Failure: HP CD-Writer 7200 i ( ) HP CD-Writer 8210 eHP CD-Writer 8250 i ( ) HP CD-Writer 9100 i Memorex tri-max 200 Mitsumi 4802 TE Mitsumi 4804 TE RICOH MP 9060 A Sony CRX-100 E Sony CRX-120 Sony CRX-145 E TDK Velo CD 12 x ( ) works with non-short tracks, patched or fixed images (tested) Please note that these 'problematic' burners mostly have 'short' track problems, and they should still work fine with non 'short' track images. This has not been tested, unless specified with ( ). You can identify 'short' track type images with following CDI rip command-line: image. cd i /info >info. txt Open info.

txt and search for tracks below 302 sectors in size, if any. You can try to fix them with CDI fix before converting to NRG (only in case of multiple audio track images). That's all. Hope you like it! Many thanks to xe al and my, who have been excellent beta-testers! History 0. 9 b 7- Fixed bug in 0. 9 b 6 with some old (3.

0, 2. 0) images 0. 9 b 6- Fixed bug with some DJ 3. 5 images (only 1 st session was converted) 0. 9 b 5- Added new Disc Juggler 3. 0.

780 CDI image support 0. 9 b 4 (unified) - Unified TAO/DAO version in a single executable- Support for raw data tracks- New buffering system (great speedup! ) - Major internal cleanup- New compiler (Bloodshed Dev-C++ - tiny executable size! (DAO) - Fixed multiple audio track bug- New progress counter (faster, bigger and better: ) (TAO) - New TAO-type NRG image- Fixed multiple audio track bug- Audio-only CD support (well, not really - this derives from TAO image.