Richard Connell's 'The Most Dangerous Game'' is a story about hunting. The title describes it as the most dangerous. However, we do not find this out until the pro agonist, Sang e Rainsford meets the antagonist General Zaroff. The story also consists of many types of conflict to build suspense. First, there is external conflict when Rainsford falls from the ship into the ocean. It is Rainsford against nature.

Can he survive? He manages to swim to a nearby island owned by Zaroff. He takes Rainsford in and wines and dines him. Zaroff questions Rainsford. He finds out that Rainsford is an author of a hunting magazine. Zaroff finds this interesting. Therefore, he lets Rainsford know about his game Rainsford is informed he will become part of this game.

Now, we see another type of external conflict. Rainsford is terrified. He refuses to condone cold-blooded murder; he thinks this is in moral. Zaroff gives Rainsford the choice of playing his game or he can deal with Ivan. Zaroff gives Rainsford a head start. The hunt can last for three days or until one of them kill the other.

The game has now become physical. It is Rainsford against Zaroff. Finally, Rainsford takes control of his terror. He figures out a way to beat Zaroff at his own game. Rainsford swims to Zaroff home. He waits for Zaroff, then his fight for survival is over.

The hunter becomes th hunted. Which is the more of two? This is a true story of one mans bravery and ability to fight to the end. What would you do.