The Destruction of Macbeth Three factors that are at work to destroy Macbeth are the flaws in his own character, the forces of evil of the Devil represented by the Tree Weird Sisters, and Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is held accountable for the destruction of Macbeth through her persuasiveness, cruelty, and persistency. Lady Macbeth talks a good talk. After she read the letter Macbeth sent her, telling of his encounter with the witches, she fears that Macbeth is not ruthless enough, he is too full o th milk of human kindness.

After receiving the letter she insist Macbeth to come home as soon as possible so that she can pour spirits in his ear. This is implying that she wanted to encourage him in the murder that he must commit, the murder of Duncan. Macbeth then agrees to the plot that his wife has come up with and is about to kill Duncan. The night the murder was to take place, Macbeth decides to back out. Lady Macbeth begins to taunt him saying that he will only be a man when he commits this murder.

After being taunted by his persuasive wife Macbeth follows through and kills Duncan. Lady Macbeth speaker well with her words and was able to get her husband to kill Duncan as she had wished. In act 1 Lady Macbeth takes the womanhood out of her by calling to the spirits to unsex her and fill her with cruelty, taking away her natural womanly compassion. Lady Macbeth saw remorse and peace as a sign of feminine values. She wanted to stip herself of any compassion. Lady Macbeth has become tough and bloodthirsty for the title of the queen.

She wants Macbeth to murder Duncan no matter what the pain is. She tells him that she would take her own baby and dash its brains out to attain her goals. After being unsexed she swears herself to bloody deeds. Lady Macbeth becomes u natural and inhuman Lady Macbeth s persuasiveness was able to conquer Macbeth s fears of killing Duncan.

Her transformation to cruelty allowed her to controll Macbeth and make him do as she wished for her greed to become queen. These three forces lead to the demise of Macbeth.