At the turn of the century, it was apparent that we, the human race, could no longer continue at the rate we were going. At several billion people, we were rapidly multiplying at an exponential rate. Scientists declared an international emergency because of drastic depletion of natural resources. It became obvious that in a few decades the continuation of the human way of life would be impossible if we did not find a solution to our problem. We needed more space for our species, and something with which to nourish them and keep them alive. Scientists began project 420, code named MIGRATE, in 2005.

The objective of this effort was to explore then universe in which we live in search of a decent living environment for our future generations. In year 2020, a three-hundred ton missile was launched into space carrying ten scientists, two computer programmers, one archeologist, fifty military officers and soldiers, two mathematicians, and two language experts (fluent in fourteen languages or more) from each major country: the USA, Belgium, Russia, Japan, China, England, Italy, and Israel. Ample food and fuel was also on board to sustain all of them for the maximum possible length of the trip: four-hundred years. This trip length is only possible due to the reduction of aging when travelling at speeds faster than that of light. Using cold -- fusion (discovered: 2003), the scientists would travel at 13. 7 times the speed of light and be able to explore the outer reaches of the milky-way spiral, and small sections of nearby galaxies.

An amazing discovery was found during this trip. It is approximated to have occurred between years 2230 and 2250, but it is impossible to say exactly when because of the time warping during space-travel. The state-of-the-art communications and radar equipment contained on board the Bodega-420 space ship picked up broken radio waves that appeared to be bouncing off of a nearby comet. They traced the gamma-waves to an enormous planet with approximately six-hundred times the mass, and eighty-one times the surface area as Earth.

It appeared to be dotted with small, quite different from those of the human species, but also appeared to be covered in plants and water much similar to those of Earth. The spaceship went stealth and landed, undetected, on the surface of this alien planet, some five-hundred kilometers from any civil-signs. The atmosphere and resources were tested and found to be surprisingly compatible with those necessary to the humans. Radio-waves were picked up from apparent life-forms all over the planet, refracted by the many unnatural orbiting the planet. This appeared to be a planet inhabited with very intelligent life.

Radio signals were collected and analyzed. Much debating among the mathematicians yielded the production of a program to decode what appeared to be radio-frequency modification using a base-eighteen number system. When radio frequencies were decoded in this way, the result was actually quite pleasing music. We had their mathematical system cracked. The time had come to communicate back. Radio frequencies were separated, and the humans decided to pirate the most pleasing music station.

To make quite a long story short, the humans found their way in all-road vehicles to a nearby alien town, and managed to open a line of mathematical communication with several alien citizens. The language artists spent five years with the alien ambassador learning and recording their language (with several computer programmers) while the rest of the team explored the rest of the planet. The aliens communicated with each other that a new life-form had been found, and were quite gracious and peaceful. After these five years, it had been established that the aliens were a very kind species, and had promised us all the space we needed.

They were very hospitable and polite due to their abundance in space and natural resources. We could really promise them nothing, but they made it clear that there was no need for retribution. They invited our entire species to come live in harmony with them. We would share our knowledge, and become one greater race twice as intelligent and technologically advanced.

The scientists spent a remaining five years rigorously testing the environment, resources, and alien species for possible problems such as disease to which the humans were not immune. There appeared to be no problems, so the scientists informed the aliens, now known as TetraHeliateCesites (Tetras for short), that they would leave and return with the entire human species in about four hundred years. The humans were true to their word, and returned on a huge spacecraft with all of the human race in year 2603. They have lived in happy harmony for the last four hundred years.