The test taking lessons have helped me learn more about having good strategies for a test. I feel that with these lessons learned I can have more confidence to take a test and pass it. In this report I want to show why test taking is an important skill to learn. I also wanted to describe how I have prepared for test in the past. I also wanted to discuss three strategies I have learned from the computer tutorial in class and how I have changed my study habits so I can do better on test. Test taking is one of the most important things to have good skills at.

Test usually have a significant effect on your grade. The more you are used to test and are prepared for different types of test, the better your grade will be. I know that when I take test, I get vary nervous and I cant concentrate, but when I have the feeling of being prepared for the test, I notice that I am not so nervous when I come to take it. You should always find time to improve your test taking methods, personally I try to devote one whole hour the night before a big test so I can remember a lot the next day.

In school you will have various test that some will be easy and some will be vary difficult, you should always be mentally prepared to take whatever test they give you. Before learning the methods from the computer tutorial, I was confused about certain test. Before, I would just go over my notes and past homework that I have done. Now I know to review old test. I used to stop on answers that I could not figure out and spend a lot of time just being frustrated. Now I know to skip those questions and move onto the next one and come back to them once my test is completed.

I used to read some out of the textbook on the chapters covered on the test, but I found that I would study a lot of information not relevant to the test. Now I know to take a look at other test and see what kinds of questions were asked and see how I can apply the mistakes I made before to the test that I am about to take. The test taking tutorial taught me different strategies for different types of test. For multiple choice test I have learned to eliminate options that are unrelated to the question. I learned to do that because I would sometimes just pick what sounded good and not really read the rest of the choices available. I also had a problem with essay test.

One strategy I would use that is to check my answer for grammar, spelling, and completion. I used to not do that because I felt rushed, but when I would get my test back it would be all marked up with corrections that needed to be made, resulting in a bad grade. On matching test I learned to single out the correct answers by going down the left column and figuring out the questions that I knew and leaving the ones that I wasn't to sure on, and that would make It easier to single out the right answers. In conclusion, I now have learned better techniques that will help me for the future whenever I take a test. I will know now to read directions to the test more fully and to glance over old test so I can figure out how I made those mistakes from before. I know that if I put time and effort into my studying for the test, then I should come out on top.

Knowing these helpful strategies will indeed make me more confident on taking test and I will not be so nervous anymore.