Forever Love is not time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickles compass come Love alters not with his brief hours of weeks But bears it our even to the edge of doom If this be error and upon me proved I never writ and no man ever loved -Shakespeare If people love each other but can't get along, at what point is enough, enough Before you answer, pause. This is important. When does the clock run out for love Never; time does not restrain love. In fact, love created time, and uses time for its purposes.

Therefore, time is under love's command. Time is given only so we can experience love moment by moment. Then, so we can define time by the love we experience. Time is a tormentor when used for selfish gain, but as we learn love, time is an encourager and friend. I have seen this to be true in my relationships with my family.

Time will not change the fact that we love each other. In actuality, time can improve our relationships as it heals our wounds. My older brother Jeremiah and I really love each other. We have passed so much time together that we know time will not weaken our love. Actually time can strengthen our love.

Many times we have fought each other because we did not agree on the rules of a game, yet after the fights are over, we let time mend our sores and we always make up. After a short time has passed it is like it never happened and we are like little puppies playing without a worry. We see that we will love each other forever because time has not been able to weaken our love. How is it that time cannot end love Newsflash! ! , love is not a romantic feeling or even companionship shared; it is a person. God and God in us.

He is love and as of now; we are love. Therefore if God is eternal, then so is love, as are we. The point of love is not to make us feel good, but to defy the futility found i time. God is the only being that is not deteriorated by time and therefore he is not controlled by time. In time we witness the law of entropy, that everything eventually falls apart, and everything on earth is subject to time's curse.

Even when we acquire something new and we really like it, there is only a matter time before we will not appreciate it anymore. For example, when I was sixteen, I bought the fastest four-wheeler on the market. During the first three weeks I rode it everyday because I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. However, after a month I hardly rode it because the excitement was gone.

It is like a Christmas present that once we rip off the wrapping paper, our interest soon turns to something different and the new toy is quickly forgotten. Time makes every physical thing futile because either the thing falls apart, or our interest in it fades away. There is only one thing that dares to defy this law, in fact, it tears it apart; and it is called Love. William Shakespeare tried to explain the eternity found in love with his sonnets. "In Not Marble nor the Gilded Monuments," he expresses the timeless truth that love is the only thing humans can construct without falling apart. Yet, In "To his Coy Mistress," the writer makes it apparent that we must love here on earth while we still have time.

Don't wait to express love! Love alone brings life and light, it alone brings joy and contentment, peace and hope. Love is life and it is forever. I have experienced this in my life and found it to be most definitely true. If we try to only use time to bring us joy, contentment, and peace, they will not come. People say, "Be patient, and in time it will come." The important part is to not worry and be patient. If someone stops fearing and allows love to flow in and out of them, joy, contentment and peace will follow.

If you love someone, let him or her know. Do not be afraid because that will waste your life away. I had the most ironic and incredible experience of my life yesterday (3-23-01). I choose to express my love to a woman when I did not know how she felt about me. In fact, I heard that she was upset with me and could never be my girlfriend. However, when I shined my accepting heart toward her, she received my love and reflected her own in return.

From the moment we touched to the moment I pressed my lips against hers, I felt joy, contentment, peace and love like I never knew possible. Have no fear and let the love of your heart shine to the world and time will be on your side for life.