Christina 1984 by George Orwell consists of different tones including fear and happiness or contentment. Book One, Chapter One aids in showing the author's fear of what the future holds for mankind. The characters in Orwell's novel live in fear of the Party. The Thought Police are constantly watching the moves of every person. In fact, the people are sometimes living in 'sheer panic' (11).

Orwell shows what the future may hold by using the phrases, 'The Police Patrol, snooping into people's windows' (6), and 'You had to live... in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard' (7). Orwell uses words such as 'frightening' (8) and 'furtively' (9) to demonstrate how bad the future may be, and to attempt to show his fear of the conditions of the future and how people may live. George Orwell is afraid of what the future may be like and attempts to show his fear in Book One, Chapter One. George Orwell shows a different future and that he is happier about the different future in Book Two, Chapter Two.

Orwell describes the setting as 'dappled light and shade,' 'misty with bluebells,' and 'kiss[ing] one's skin' (98). The setting appears to be happier. Orwell is not afraid of a future where people are 'less frightened' (98), 'cheerful' (101) and 'delightful' (101). People in this future are more content and do not live in fear of the Party. A future where people are happy and content would make Orwell happy and not afraid of that future.

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