Creative Masturbation Contraptions and Techniques: Cotton Balls Put glitter on the outside too to make it look pretty: Take a roll of toilet paper or paper towels (depending on what's more comfortable for you), put glue on the inside, then stuff it with cotton balls. You " ll have yourself a nice sex toy, all you have to do is put your cock in and go for it. Mummified Wanking Even better if you can find a nurse to help with the prep work: Stroke until you get hard then 'lightly' (or as tight as you want) wrap an ace bandage around your cock. Round and round you go, until you wrap it all the way around.

You now have a perfectly shaped 'tube pussy'. Once that is complete, gently remove your dick from the bandage, take a condom (or latex glove), anything rubber and smooth. Stick your dick into the hole where your cock was. Pull the edges out around the bandage and get a rubber band... Put it around the edge to keep the latex item in place. After that, lube up your dick and have a blast! It's tight, just like a real cunt.

For best results, put a pillow under and over the bandage; sandwich it while you fuck it. Also, it's a no-mess situation... Fuck the shit out of it, cum in it. then just throw the condom or latex item away...

The bandage will keep it's form for future use. Balloon magic Nice: Get about four or five balloons. Fill them with warm, not hot, water. Tie the ends so water will not squeeze out. Take a pillow; roll it up like a tube and tie a string around it or even use your belt. Push the warm water balloons into the opening of the pillow tube.

Your fleshy warm vagina is almost ready. Take a small plastic kitchen trash can bag. Push it in between the balloons in the pillow. Put some lubricant of your choice inside the plastic bag that is being tightly squeezed by the balloons. Get your dick ready.

Put the pillow on bed. Put your dick inside this plastic vagina. You will feel the warmth, slipperiness and tightness you only dreamed of. Baby Bottle Liner You first might want to throw away the box with the picture of the baby on it: They make 'drop-in' baby bottle liners... get the 8 ounce size...

comes 20 or so to a box. Lube up your cock, slip the liner on you... then wrap a small towel around it, pop one or two large rubber bands around the whole thing and you " re there! My height is perfect for putting this lust bundle on the kitchen counter and fucking away... you can 'lean' on it with your hands to make it tighter... whatever your pleasure is. after you cum you just throw the liner away...

easy clean up eh? Zip It Take a Ziploc bag, a sandwich-sized one will do, and fill it with oil or KY or any other lube. Mush the bag up so that the lube layers the plastic. Then place the bag between the mattress and the box spring on your bed and pump away. This also works underneath couch cushions. Toilet Paper Pleasure Talk about squeezing the Charmin: Take one toilet paper tube, one condom, and some lube.

Put the condom inside the roll and stretch the opening of the condom across the opening of the tube. Fold the end of the condom over the end of the tube and hold with one hand. Lube well and fuck like hell. BONUS: Pull on the tip of the condom while you jack and it feels like a blowjob.

Two hands Yeah, but you need one hand free to fast forward the videotape: First put some lubricant in the palm of your hand. Then, while jerking off with your other hand, rub the head of your penis with the lubricated one. For some reason, this feels an awful lot like sex, and makes your orgasm very strong. Sock It To Me When I surf the net I get my cock nice and hard and slip a nice soft sock over it and then when I hit the picture that drives me to shoot my load I can keep pumping and don't have to worry about squirting all over myself.

All the cum is in the sock and all it takes is a kleenex to wipe of my cock. Try 'The Stranger " Try this masturbation technique. It's called 'The Stranger'. Sit on your hand for like 30 minutes until your hand goes numb, then jerk off like a madman.

This gives you the feeling that a stranger is doing it for you.