Every day from the time that you wake up till the time you go to sleep your life will be a battle. There will be people why try to bring you down. You will have teachers who will frustrate you mentally. There will be students and people who you call your friends that might frustrate you physically.

All of these are things that test who you really are. People can frustrate or hurt you mentally of physically, but they can never touch your soul. That is what must get you up in the morning. There are three main things that make up who you are, Caleb.

Those three things are your body, your mind, and your soul. Your body is what other people can see and touch. It can be bent or broken, or bruised and abused. You must train your body to do what you want it to do. When you want to study, your body is not going to want to so it may become restless. You must control your body and do what needs to be done anyway.

When you control your body you will look and feel healthier. You will be happier and have more energy. The second part of your being is your mind. This is the weakest part of who you are. Your mind is always what wants to give up first. When you are running or lifting weights your mind is what makes you want to stop.

If your body wants to stop you will pass out or die, so you must train your mind. If you can train your mind to listen to you, and you condition it to be strong, you will be smarter and the harder things in life will become easier. The final part of who you are is your soul. This is who you really are.

You could also call this your character, your inner strength, or your drive. Of the three things that compose you this one is the strongest. When you are bloody and bruised, when everyone tells you to stay down, when no one thinks that you can even get up off the floor, this is what gets you up. When your mind is tired and your body is weary this is what drives you. This is what refuses to lose.

This is God given. You must pray everyday that God helps you to have a strong spirit. That when others quit and say that you should too, this is what has you work harder. Everyone has a soul; just some people get lazy and let theirs grow weak and fat. Pray that you never lose any of the drive that you have.

For example, when you go to a class, like programming, that you feel has nothing to do with what you want to do with your future, you must still work hard. When you do not understand a word that your teacher says, you work harder. When you get your first test back and it is a failing grade, and the others around you give up, you must still work harder and do well in class. The great emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius, says this: that every morning when you wake up you need to tell yourself that you will meet with evil people. They do not even know that they are doing evil. They, however, can not harm you because you are all kin.

Not by blood or seed, but by the fact that you all have spirit or drive. Emperor Aurelius says one must do everything to help these people and to never get angry at them. Marcus is correct in this statement. In the bible it says that But people who are not aware that they are doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given. (Luke 12.

48) You have been given much. You know right from wrong. Much is expected from you and you will be punished more severely if you do not live up to this. Cunningham, Lawrence, and John Reich. Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities. United States: Wadsworth, 2002..