TAX CUTS GORE TAX CUTS. Cut taxes for 99% of middle class, not the wealthiest 1%. (Oct 3). Target surplus at national debt, rainy days, & education. (Sep 30).

End marriage penalty; reform estate tax; targeted cuts. (Sep 6). Lower taxes for working families with targeted tax reform. (Sep 6). Yes, it's your money-but it's your programs too. (Aug 31).

Too large a tax cut would wreck economy & military readiness. (Aug 23). Tax cuts to benefit middle-class, not just the rich. (Aug 21). Bush's tax cut gives average family only 62 cents.

(Aug 18). Don't eliminate gas tax; ask oil interests to charge less. (Jul 3). Eliminate estate taxes for the little guy, not the wealthy. (Jun 21). Eliminate the marriage penalty for working families.

(Jun 15). $500 B in tax cuts targeted to working families. (Jun 15). Help caregivers with tax reform, nursing home alternatives. (Jun 7). Bush's tax plan is "economic snake oil." (Mar 17).

$250 B over 10 years in targeted tax cuts. (Feb 27). Save Social Security, Medicare, and address debt before cuts. (Feb 21). Rules out tax increase in good economic times. (Dec 1999).

$792 B tax cut is a "risky tax scheme." (Aug 1999) BUSH TAX CUTS. Clinton/Gore couldn't deliver on 1992 tax cuts. (Oct 3). All Americans deserve tax relief; no more 'fuzzy numbers'.

(Oct 3). More child & charity deductions in $1. 3 T tax cut. (Sep 30). Blueprint: Cut rates, marriage penalty, & death tax. (Sep 17).

Tax relief will spur growth and help pay national debt. (Aug 30). Tax cut for all is affordable and right thing to do. (Aug 23). The surplus is the people's money-return it. (Aug 3).

No one should pay more than 1/3 in taxes. (Aug 3). Don't eliminate gas tax; ask OPEC to increase supply. (Jul 3). Add targeted cuts to comprehensive tax cut.

(Jun 17). Cut taxes on income, children, & inheritance. (Jun 6). More deductions for kids, education, charity, and marriage. (May 27). Use the marketplace to encourage people to save and invest.

(Apr 26). New Prosperity Initiative: 6 million tax-free families. (Apr 11). Reduce share of tax burden on low- and middle-income. (Apr 11). End death tax; reduce marriage penalty; more child credits.

(Apr 2). Biggest tax cuts to those who pay the biggest tax bills. (Feb 27). Use prosperous times to get money out of Washington. (Jan 26). Cut top tax rate to 33% while cutting lower income taxes too.

(Jan 10). 1997 no-tax pledge: judge results, despite breaking pledge. (Jan 10). Tax cuts, so help me God.

(Jan 6). Proposes tax cuts of $483 B over 5 years. (Dec 1999). Lower tax rates to 10%-25%-33%; end inheritance tax. (Dec 1999). $8 B tax incentives for charitable contributions.

(Jul 1999). Read my tax pledge: No new taxes. (Jun 1999). Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (Apr 1999).