This summary is about the life of a couple who wanted to have children but they were unable to. They lived in a house where there was a small window at the back of their house which lead them to a garden who belongs to an old witch who was famous for her well-known power in the entire world. There was one moment which the wife was looking at the small window and there she was amazed by the beauty of the plants that were planted in that garden. When she was looking at the bed full of the finest ram pion, she could not resist from her mouth to eat them but she could not. As the days passed, she began to look pale and gloomy. Knowing that the wife looked different, the husband asked her.

She replied that if she could not get to eat those ram pion, she would die. Then her husband began to find way to get that ram pion. So, did the wife get to make salad... Next, the husband climbed into the wall to get more of the ram pion when he was frightened by the appearance of the old witch. The old witch was displeased and cursed him for his action but after explaining his wife's desire, the witch gave him the permission but in one condition to give her the upcoming child. The man fearfully agreed to the condition.

When the child was born, the witch gave her a name Rapunzel which means ram pion. When Rapunzel turned twelve, she was kept in tall tower in the middle of a wood which had only a small window for her to show her golden hair whenever the witch called her. After a few years, a prince who was riding through the wood passed by the tower and he heard someone's singing melodiously. To his curiosity, he looked from where the voice came from but to no avail.

Day after day he came to that spot to hear the voice and when he was standing behind a tree, he saw the witch called Rapunzel's to let down her hair. Rapunzel obeyed her by letting her plaits down for the witch to climb up. The prince thought that he could try to do that. The next day, he came back to the same spot where the witch called Rapunzel and shouted the same sentences that the witch had spoken.

So did Rapunzel let down her hair for the prince to climb up. Firstly, Rapunzel was afraid of him but soon she liked him and made an agreement with him to come everyday. They were living happily without behind the witch. One day Rapunzel asked the witch about her becoming tight clothes to her body.

The witch was shocked and alarmed at Rapunzel's behavior. The witch used a scissors to cut Rapunzel's hair and isolated her in a desert. On that evening, the witch fastened the plaits on to a hook in the window and when the prince called out the usual words to Rapunzel, the witch let down the plaits and the prince climbed up. To his surprise, he found the evil looking witch telling him that he would never ever see his beloved love again. The prince was depressed and jumped down from the tower, blinded by the thorns. He escaped and walked away full of sorrows.

After so many years, he came to a desert place where he found Rapunzel. She fell on his neck and wept. Two of her tears touched his eyes which made him able to see again. Then they lived in his kingdom and lived happily ever after.