BOOK TALK Mary Higgins Clark-! SSA Cry In The Night!" First impressions of book- I wish I was Jenny at the beginning! Ko She had the perfect boyfriend. o It described him as good looking, kind, and very gentlemen like. o He would take her to fancy restaurants. - The beginning of the book was pleasant and made me wonder what was wrong because it seemed so perfect. Plot- Summary- It foreshadowed a little bit. o Erich! |s mother was an artist that painted.

Erich was a painter also. Erich put his name on her work and got credit for it. - I was able to follow along easily in this book. Predictions - Right prediction so Something has to be wrong with Erich, he! |s too perfect. o I was right because he was killing people. - Wrong predictions o Jenny was hallucinating.

o I was wrong because it was really happening. Relating to Text - Self: o Jenny was pregnant. I! |m pregnant. She got involved with the wrong guy. And well I got involved with the wrong guy also.

o Jenny and Erich lived in a small town. I live in a small town. Gossip was always going around; Stratton is just like that. - World: o Erich put his name on someone else! |s work.

People today do it all the time. - Text: o Lots of murders happen in Mary! |s books. o Also there are movies that are sort of like it. Secret Window. Figurative Language- Personificationo! SS Wind whispered through the trees, stirring the naked branches into the restless movement." X Wind was given the human-like characteristic of whispering.

- Metaphorical Personificationo! SS That red is perfect against your hair. Dark could on scarlet. Like dark secrets in a scarlet women." X Red was given a human-like characteristic with a comparison. Message/Theme- When you fall in love you do stupid things. - Be careful with the men you date, some are too good to be true. Mary Higgins Clark- Superb job I was able to get it, understand it and relate to it.

o She made me think from all the character! |s points of views. Ratings- I enjoyed this book. - Two thumbs up. - Recommend this book to those that like suspense, thrills, and murders.