The film Europe, The Mighty Continent was an attempt entertaining film that was made from an entirely different angle than other history films. Although Peter Ustinov was charismatic at the, outset his repetition of how important his family was to Europe became a persistent annoyance that took away from the film. The viewer will spend more time trying to figure out his accent that learning about history. This film was made from one point of view. Throughout the entire segment all Peter Ustinov and John Terrain e talk about is the rich upper class. This film is wonderful to teach students about Europe, the Rich People who live in it.

We learn about high class Europe paintings and musicians who Peter Ustinov is more than overjoyed to point out how important his family was in every major endeavor in Europe. We learned about Le Beau Monde and how they were influenced by the Demi Monde. What about the middle working class What about the lower class and peasants The rich upper class was a very small percentage of the entire population. It is only natural that the majority shaped the way Europe was heading in the beginning of the twentieth century. When do we hear about the majority This film had one major significant insight that the viewer could take with them. This video told of how Europe united for one brief moment to conquer the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and showed how powerful Europe was together.

It did not last long because of industrial rivalry between Germany and Britain. I think there are three major reasons why the film will be given minimal praise. First this movie is littered with insignificant tiny facts about Peter Ustinov family. If these little tid-bits of information were only once or twice during the film they would have been more effective at keeping the viewers attention This tactic was overdone and became more annoying than entertaining. Second, I feel that this film gibes insight only to the wealthy higher classes and their influence on Europe. It does not tell us the different effects that the other classes accomplished at this time.

This film is great if you want to learn about one aspect Of European life but for the total picture of Europes advance in the Twentieth Century there should be more detail in all of the social classes. The third reason is because this film would be more suited for a European audience. This film would be enjoyed by high class Europeans. John Ustinov has a very specific idea of Europes history, not the whole picture. This film was a good attempt at a different technique to entertain and teach. It is good to show students for a change of pace or to show specifics but to show the whole of Europes rise into the Twentieth Century it was ineffective..