Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini, two of the world's most brutal and tyrannical leaders ever, both rose to power in their respective countries in a very similar fashion. That's not to say that Hitler and 'Il Duce' were all that similar. They both came from very different backgrounds, and while both ruled under the fascist movement, their views varied greatly. Both Germany and Italy were quite upset at the outcome of the first World War. The war had crippled both countries economy, sending the unemployment rate skyrocketing. In Germany, 1933, the unemployment rate was almost 26%.

Germany had noticeable been hit the hardest. '[The War] had ended in defeat... Complete disarmament, enormous demands for reparations... .' (Tennant) Germany's economy, defense and government had been torn apart. Conditions such as these call for change, and it took Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler a short time to come into power, and to change their respective countries for the better. Both leaders were very active in politics.

Mussolini was an active Socialist, and a controversial journalist. However, as he grew powerful, it wasn't under the Socialist Party. He fought in the front-line of World War I. He later made some comments about World War I and the Socialists kicked him out of their party. Having been kicked out of the Socialists party, Mussolini decided to from his own group. '...

He decided to form an organization of his own, to do what the authorities were so significantly failing to do, and on March 23 rd, 1919, the first Fascia was formed at the offices of Il Popolo D'Italia'. His newspaper, translated to, 'The People of Italy' later became a major factor in his fascist movement. Adolf Hitler wasn't always political. Hitler had also fought in the front-line during World War I. He was a decorated soldier, having won the coveted iron cross. After returning home, he decided to join the ranks of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

The party focuses on violent racial nationalism and strong anti-Semitism. Hitler was already a racist, so he agreed with views whole-heart idly. Hitler quickly joined and became a spokesperson for the party. Just a month after joining, Hitler became the leader of the entire Nazi Party.