Sphere Many people have questioned the existence of intergalactic intelligence such as time travel and aliens. Sphere takes all of these theories and rolls it into one novel. The main character in the novel is Norman Johnson a 56 year old psychologist who is very well known in his field. Norman plays a very important role in the novel, constantly changing the events for the better. Throughout the novel many changes occur to change his thoughts and his characteristics. Norman along with other scientists are called upon to work on a crash sight, but this wasn't an ordinary crash sight that Norman was used to work on this was a crash sight of a UFO.

The UFO is believed to be hundreds of years old. The investigation that they are working on is unknown to the eyes of the public. The main reason Norman has been selected to work on this project is due to his former work on the ULF project. The ULF was a project that gave recommendations for the human contact team to interact wit Unknown Life Forms.

In Normans report it recommended a team of four an astrophysicist, a zoologist, a mathematician a linguist and a fifth member, a psychologist. The physiologist job would be to monitor the rest of the crew. Harold Barnes is the leader of investigation on the crash sight; Barnes essentially took Normans ideas on the ULF project and adapted it to the crash sight with Norman being the psychologist. The group chosen for the investigation on the crash sight is a very diverse group, that's what makes them successful. Out of the 4 other members on the crew, Norman is familiar with two of them. The crew consists of Ted Fielding- astrophysicist, Beth Halpern- zoologist, Harry J.

Adams- mathematician, Arthur Levine- marine biologist, Norman Johnson- psychologist. Out of those members Norman has had past experiences with both Beth and Ted. Beth is a 36 year old zoologist who Norman had counseled in the past for personal issues. Norman knew Ted thorough the ULF project, Ted also work on that project. Norman's main purpose is to keep the crew safe and sane through out all of there experiences.

From the moment Norman found out that there was a UFO spacecraft 3, 000 feet under him he was eager to go down there and witness it for himself. Him and the rest of the crew members were wondering where the ship came from and how did it wind up 3, 000 feet under the Pacific Ocean. When Norman and the rest of the crew were descending into the sea they were very nervous and excited at the same time. The first time Norman sees the spaceship his eyes gleam with excitement, not knowing where this adventure will take him. When the crew enters the spacecraft they split up into two groups to explore the entire thing. While exploring the spacecraft the crew learns many things.

The space has the remains of three human bodies. Therefore the ship is not an alien's ship. They learn that the ship has time traveled from the future. Upon the ship they find many computers and devices that are more technology advanced than present day..