"Drew died!" These words will forever ring in my head. My sixteen year old best friend was a party animal. He was highly into the rave scene and did an assortment of drugs including L. S. D. Drew had even attended rehab hours before getting into the car with five of his friends.

The driver was sober while the other five passengers where high on L. S. D. The car was stopped at a police checkpoint at 11: 15 pm. Being after, Drew ran from the police, climbed over a twenty foot fence and found himself on railroad tracks looking face to face at a train. He died seconds later.

This is my first experience with teenage death. His life and his death have taught me many lessons in life. The most important thing I have learned is that death happens to everyone. Any one of us could die at any moment; but it is what we do to prevent death that helps us live to see to marrow. Drew has taught all whom he touched, that drugs take people down a dead end path. In dealing with Drews' death, I fell into a great depression.

In this time the truth behind human life fell a pon me. I have realized education is more important than raves, concerts, and a crazy night life. I now have respect for those who are rehabilitating drug abusers, for they are taking the first step to a brighter future. A well balanced life, also involves a good family.

Drew believed in this so strongly that he put it in his journal. "When my family is happy, I am happy. When they are sad, I too am sad," Drew Died rick. This along with other passages helped me realize the truth behind that ambiguous smile. I now have begun to get involved with my family a fairs. I love and trust every member of my family for they keep me strong in times of need.

My family and friends would all agree that my attitude towards life has for the best. My first experience with death as a teenager has taught me many valuable lessons which I will remember forever. Drews death impacted my life in way and he will remain in my heart for eternity.