In the story "The Storm", Calixta is the mother of a young boy and the wife of man who seems to be a wonderful husband. Bobinot, the husband, and Bibi, the child, go to the store and become stranded there as a storm passes through. What Calixta didn't know was that she was going to get a visit from a friend, whom she hasn't seen for a long period of time, while her family is at the store. As the storm begins, Alcee, the friend, approaches Calixta's home and asks permission to wait on the gallery as the storm passes. As he waits for the storm to pass, the history between Calixta and Alcee is revealed when he mentions the time during Assumption where he kissed and kissed Calixta, but that was all that happened.

During the storm, emotions are running wild and the attraction between Calixta and Alcee is so magnetic that it seems to intertwine their desires. Needless to say, they made love, and after the storm Alcee left and Bobinot and Bibi came back home shortly. The question that needs to be asked is will Calixta invite Alcee back into her home on occasions, knowing what she did with him in her family's home, and also, will Calixta tell Bobinot or act as if nothing ever happened? Calixta is a woman who seems to be searching for pleasure; men aren't the only humans that deserve pleasure. She loves her husband but seeks to explore pleasure elsewhere. Alcee was an old flame who seemed to still be in love with Calixta, and she probably still felt an attraction towards him. There are many assumptions that can be made about her future actions.

She could feel guilty and realize what she did was wrong and disgraceful towards Bobinot and confess her actions to him. Calixta could completely ignore Alcee, never invite him back into her home, and never tell Bobinot, because she doesn't want to cause trouble in her home. Telling Bobinot what happened could cause a separation, but not telling him is morally wrong. Calixta may keep her actions a secret and only invite Alcee into her home when her husband and child are gone. I feel that Calixta will continually invite Alcee into her home, whether her husband and son are home or not home, and not tell Bobinot what happened.

She will probably keep him close, as a friend and as a secret lover, so she will have someone to confide in other than her husband and have a lover to give her pleasure whenever she desires. Bobinot may not give Calixta the amount of affection and pleasure she desires and will turn to Alcee to increase those amounts. Many people, in serious relationships and marriages, say that it is exhilarating to have an affair or one night stand with someone they have known, such as a friend or previous partner, for a long time. I think Calixta wanted the pleasure and the exhilarating experience; after what she and Alcee did, Calixta might appreciate her husband and family more or keep going behind his back to be with Alcee. Women are very complex and need many things in life to keep them happy... pleasure, a partner, family, feeling of being wanted, etc...

Calixta is just another woman trying to reach her greatest happiness.