When you take a look at ths i picture what do see? Everyone sees it differently, but it all depends on the view you give it. There are people in this world that do bad things and there are other people that make a stereotype on a group of people based on a certain group. That is something that we need to stop. Since 9/11 many people have developed a mentally of what a Middle-Eastern people look like, act like, and should be like. Many people today even got there mentality wrong about there religion. I see some people out here that are so ignorant, that when they someone walking down the street and they from the middle east they automatically think to themselves,' Oh i better keep a close watch to see what this person does.' That is wrong, people are people.

The fact is that we don't say that all Americans are bad because we have thousands of people on death row so why should it be right to say that all people from the middle east are terrorist, it is basically a stereotype. In my opinion everyone is the same no matter there race, color, or age. You show somebody respect and treat them right, you will get the same in return. In every culture there are bad people and there are good people. This picture proves that it doesn't matter where you are from everyone has a heart and everybody has the ability to do the right thing.