Trees are terrific. They cover the world and provide air and beauty for all to enjoy. Yes indeed trees are terrific. There are many uses for trees and their byproducts.

Everywhere we look there are trees or some kind of shrub that always give us something to look at. Trees make life more pleasant. They make the world beautiful. When we go and lay in parks where there are lots of trees we feel peaceful, at ease, and most of all happy. Trees make life more pleasant.

Trees make people more at ease and have also shown that hospital patients recover faster when they around trees. People have strong ties with trees. Some people always remember that one tree that they grew up around and never forget it for as long as they live. The strength that trees have gives people a feeling of self strength to help them get through everyday life. Most of trees are private property, but that does not mean that they are not part of the community also.

Since trees are everywhere, there is a lot of planning that goes into the placement of trees so that they benefit everyone. Trees provide people with privacy for their homes and yards. Trees also serve an architectural function as well. Many architects use trees to improve the looks of a businesses and public areas to make people more at home. Trees also benefit the environment. They alter the environment in which we live by moderating the climate, improving the air quality, conserving our water source and harboring wildlife.

They take in energy from the sun, block the wind, and rain. Trees also control the temperature. In the vicinity of trees is cooler than that away from trees. The larger the tree, the greater the cooling, the better a person feels because they are not in the sun. Air quality is also improved through the use of trees, shrubs and turf. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing the dust and other particles from the air.

Rain washes the pollutants to the ground. Leaves absorb the carbon dioxide from the air to form the carbohydrates that are used in the plants structure and function. In this process air is produced. Trees are terrific. They provide the world so many great things it is impossible to name them all. So basically be good to trees and they will be good to you.

Trees are terrific.