Adam Sandler used bad manners and used profanity in front of his son. His values were messed up. He didn't have any conscience what so ever and he had very few morals if any. His son picked a lot of bad habits from his father; like laughing when someone got hurt, urinating in public, and bad manners. His father also argued with people in front of his son. Adam Sandler's emotion, passion, determination, perseverance made him a good father.

He gave his son a lot of experiences that helped go through a lot that will make his son stronger mindset good or bad. He was honest to his son and he spoke his mind to his son. He gave his son enough freedom, but still was able to guide in the way to be successful. He was an active father and he spent a lot of time with his son doing a lot of activities to together. He loved his son more than anything in the world. He prevented son from becoming obese by going outside with them.

Adam Sandler improved a lot from when he first had to take care of Julian. At first he did not teach his son proper hygiene habits and his son smelled horrible, but by the movie his son was bathed regularly. At first he was behaving horrible in front of his son, but by the end of the movie he was making a positive impact on his neighborhood with his son. Sandler began to realize that his own poor behavior had a negative effect on Julian's behavior. He also showed more hospitality at home with Julian by sharing the TV with him and letting watch his movie while the hockey game was on/ I would not done that much differently if I was put in the same situation, considering how hard of situation it was.

I would never claimed to be someone I really wasn't. I thought Sandler was a good father all things considered. It's hard to raise a kid when you " re not his biological father because the kid usually doesn't trust his non-biological father as much as his biological father. I might have not embarrassed myself and not set a bad example for my kids. There are certain characteristics necessary to being a good parent. A good must have patience and tolerance always especially when his child is overtired making him misbehave.

A good parent also must push his child to be the best he can be. In addition, a good parent must let his child experiences things early in life, making the kid through a lot and struggle that he will appreciate life more and not take anything for granted. A good parent must en still the value that not everyone is going to be just like you, which will broaden his horizons. A parent must allow their kids to be kids by letting them have fun. A parent should en still good manners, politeness, respect, and friendliness, and hospitality in their kids. A parent should try to spend as much time as they can with their kids.

A parent should never verbally, physically, or sexually abuse their children. In addition, a parent should always say, "I love you", to their kids before they go to sleep a night and before they eave for work.