Celebrities like Christopher Reeve, Michael J. Fox, and even members of the rock band Nirvana are some of the several celebrities who have overcome an illness or personal tragedy that have helped others in many different ways. They have all managed to put themselves out there and open up about something that is usually considered to be a more private matter in order to help several good causes. Actor Christopher Superman Reeve who was tragically paralyzed due to a fall off his horse during an equestrian competition has done many things that have encouraged others.

Like many paralyzed people Christopher considered attempting suicide. But with the support of friends and loved ones he managed to get through it and fight back. Being in the eye of the public he talked about his battle with his condition and his fight to never give up. By putting himself in front of so many people he gave them hope and inspired them to keep on fighting themselves.

Another way he has helped others was by starting the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which raised the most money ever made by a foundation in one night. The foundation supports research into possible treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and central nervous system disorders. It also makes quality-of-life grants to disability organizations and other charitable causes. Coincidently, right after Christopher s terrible accident, Michael J. Fox revealed that he had Parkinson s disease. After doing this he founded the Michael J.

Fox Foundation for Parkinson s Research that has helped make the disease a better-known one. It has put more information about the disease out in the public eye making more people aware of the conditions of this illness and more understanding to those who have it. He as well as his foundation has helped humanize the disease. PEOPLE magazine had an article on Michael and his foundation stating that the amplifier publicity and focus on the issue have certainly created an increased number of donations both from corporations and individuals that have benefited numerous amounts of people. Other celebrities who have helped to inspire as well as influence others is the rock band Nirvana. After lead singer Kurt Cobain died due to a drug overdose the remaining members of the band have spoken openly about the negative effects of drug use.

In addition to talking about drug abuse they have made public appearances in high schools and universities on how to deal with the death of a loved one. Making these speeches have help influence teenagers and young adults to stay away from drugs. They also offer support to those who have lost loved ones, making them feel that in some ways they are not alone in the loss. Although some of us may never get the public acknowledgement for the differences we make, like Christopher Reeve, Michael J.

Fox, or Nirvana, we do all make a difference, however small, within our worlds. A friendly smile, a supportive word, a small deed is often all it takes to cheer up another's life. Some complain that these people get all the attention because they re famous, that they re are many people experiencing tragedies or that have injuries in the United States each year, and singling them out isn't fair to the rest. But sometimes it takes a famous person to bring the focus to a situation, disease, or problem and these people have done this.