The history of Brewton all began one day in 1817 when the railroad was built. From their a town soon arose from railroad and lumber industry. It splurged into a wonderful city, where blueberries are famous. During 1818 there was a bar built on the corner of what is now Belleville and Douglas Avenue. This bar was called Willies. Famous for its beer and beautiful women, it was the center of the towns events.

Soon after that began the flourish of the industrial revolution of Brewton. The lumber company became the towns most prominent job resource. Hard working people would come from all over the southeast to get jobs and within a very short time the town had grown to a mere 500 people. With this development became Brewton's first great cooperation called Jefferson Smurfit Stone paper mill. Surprisingly enough the mill is still in function today with over 600 employed. This makes it the biggest in the entire southeast and part of one of the biggest paper mill cooperation's of the world.

Brewton is now a population of around 10, 000 and has many businesses and traditions. Traditions that make up what Brewton is made of today. One of those traditions is the Brewton Blueberry Festival held every June. This festival has many attractions such as arts and crafts and fun games for the kids.

There is a variety of food that is also available, such as the towns famous Bar-b-que from Hog Heaven, Georges and Camp 31. There is also many dishes made from our famous blueberries, such as beautiful blueberry pies, and the most delicious blueberry coble r and ice cream. Many of the crafts incorporate our tradition of blueberries by embellishing them on the pottery, ceramics and wood art.