Characters Mrs. Peters Mrs. Hale Mrs. Wright Sheriff Peters Scene: Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters bringing Mrs.

Wright her personal belongings. Time Period of the Play Mrs. Hale: Minnie how yer' holding up? Mrs. Wright: Alright I guess, how is my fruit? Mrs.

Peters: (nervously digging in her bag) Oh they are just fine, here we brought you one of you jars of cherries. Mrs. Hale: Minnie (in a low tense manner), Mrs. Peters and I thought it was a good idea to bring some of the quilt boxes you were piecing together, you know to keep your mind off all this for a while, but as we gathered your sewing material we found-we found... Mrs. Peters: This (pulling the dead bird from Mrs.

Hale's bag) poor dead bird! Mrs. Wright: (Oblivious to the dead bird) Ah, my fruit! My apron, where is my apron? Mrs. Hale: (In an elevated voice) The bird Minnie, what happened to the bird? Mrs. Wright: (Raising a brow) The bird died, died like Mr. Wright. (Shivering) I'm cold and I just want to go back home.

Mrs. Peters: Mrs. Wright it will all be over soon, just tell the Sheriff everything that happened and you " ll be home in two shakes of a lambs tale. Mrs. Wright: There is nothing to tell I was asleep and when I awoke he was just lying there, dead. Mrs.

Hale: Minnie there is no evidence of someone breaking into the house. Mrs. Wright: I'm a heavy sleeper. Mrs. Peters: (Looking down at the dead bird) Mrs.

Wright this bird has had the life choked out of him, if I were to show this to Mr. Peters they " ll be sure to find you guilty. Mrs. Wright: Guilty of what? I did everything for Mr. Wright, I loved him with all my heart, and I tried to give him children without any luck. (With tears in her eyes) He would beat me and ravage me.

I still loved him. That bird was like my child, it brought me joy. We would sing together that little bird and I. Mrs. Hale: (With a look of disgust) Minnie, if I would have... Mrs.

Wright: One night he was angry with me because I hadn't cleaned, he pulled the bird out of his cage and- and (starting to cry) twisted its little neck. He said that women need to be disciplined and he pulled me into our room and ravaged my body (she then opened her blouse revealing bruises upon bruises). Mrs. Peters: We should call upon Mr.

Peters. Mrs. Wright: No! Mrs. Hale: But Minnie... Mrs.

Wright: I tied the rope around his neck as he slept, I was gentle. I loved him so (sobbing) but, I just couldn't take the pain, so I knotted it and I pulled and pulled until he lay sound. (Wipes tears from her face) Did you bring my shawl too? Sheriff Peters enters. Sheriff: Even sitting in a jailhouse you can all talk it up some. Mrs. Peters: Henry, Mrs.

Wright, Minnie was only defending herself from her husband. Sheriff: Excuse me? Mrs. Hale: Minnie, show him your bruises. Mrs.

Wright reopens her blouse and shows the Sheriff. Sheriff: Did John do this to you? Mrs. Wright: (Nodding) Yes. Sheriff: When Mrs.

Wright? Mrs. Wright: Last night. Sheriff: Looks to me Mr. Wright got what he deserved.

Current Times Mrs. Hale: Minnie how are ya feeling girl? Mrs. Wright: Alright I guess. Did you bring my things? Mrs.

Peters: (Digging in her bag) Yeah, and your fruit was all in tip top condition. Mrs. Hale: Listen, Mrs. Peters and I thought it was a good idea to bring your quilting material to you just to keep your mind off things but we found uh, uh... Mrs.

Peters: (Pulling the dead bird from Mrs. Hale's bag) This nasty dead bird. What's up with this? Mrs. Wright: (Oblivious to the bird) Did you bring me all my stuff? Mrs.

Hale: (In a stunned yet angry manner) Uh, forget about your stuff woman and listen here! (In a low voice) Let me tell you something, what would you do if you found a dead bird in the house of someone accused of strangling her husband? So stop asking for your stuff, cause if I were a juror deciding your case I'd be the one yelling guilty, guilty, guilty and I'd be calling PETA on you too. Mrs. Wright: Guilty of what? I loved my husband. I did everything for him. I cooked I cleaned, I even ironed his damn overalls and what did I get in return? He beat the hell out of me if dinner wasn't on time. If I wasn't in the mood and he was, Johnny boy was getting some whether I wanted to give it up or not.

Mrs. Peters: I'll call for my husband. Mrs. Wright: No! Mrs. Hale: Why? (Now turning to Mrs. Peter) You go get your husband.

Mrs. Wright: Last night he came home early, I hadn't gotten a chance to clean up, he found the kitchen a mess and he became violent. He knew I loved my little bird, Tweety, he pulled him out of the cage and twisted his little neck. He said that's what I get for not cleaning the house. He then took me into our room and began beating me, he said he was beating me 'cause I deserved it. (Crying) I tried to stop him but he continued and when I thought it was all over he raped me.

He raped me because he was sorry. I didn't want to have sex with him, but he forced me to and that's when he beat me again. All because I was so sore from his beating I didn't... I couldn't make love to him I hurt too much. (Sobbing) I loved John but I just couldn't take it (mustering up her strength and wiping the tears from her face) so I strangled him like he choked my bird. Sheriff Peters enters the room.

Sheriff: Damn you women could talk (smirks). Mrs. Peters: Henry you better take her to the hospital. It was self defense, he beat and raped her. Show him the bruises hunky. Mrs.

Wright shows the Sheriff her bruises. Sheriff: Why didn't you tell us before? Did he do this to you last night? Mrs. Wright: (Nodding) Yes. Sheriff: Well, uh (scratching his head) this changes things. Let's get you examined and we can take it from there. (He looks at Mrs.

Wright with remorse) If you didn't have all those bruises you would have been looking at 25 to life, easily.